Revival P.E.I. 2011 has begun!!

Hallelujah!! Blessed be the name of our Lord Jesus!

Tonight was the first night of prayer for revival (officially :) and I am already blown away... I just have such assurance that God does in fact want to, and will answer our requests. It's an amazing thing, but I just know that He will. :) His heart is so much more for revival than ours and He longs to pour down the rain of righteousness on our land. He desires that we would turn from our wicked ways and repent that times of refreshing would come!

Oh Lord Jesus, come and bring righteousness to our lands.

Tonight was so encouraging for me personally, because as a few of us went out to the fields to pray before the night started, we started to catch a glimpse of what God does want to do for PEI and the rest of the U.S. and Canada... and then throughout the course of the prayer meeting tonight, very nearly every thing we had prayed about while walking was reiterated by others who weren't with us! Such encouragement that God heard and will answer!

So for all those who have been praying and holding on to a hope from the Lord... maybe parents who have been praying earnestly for your sons and daughters to come back to Jesus, or maybe for those holding on to the hope that God will restore righteousness to the land... for all those with seemingly unanswered prayer, remember: God has heard. God will answer and is even now working out all details whether or not you can see them. And the best response is praise. Let us assume the best of God and praise Him with faith that He will do the thing we have asked of Him. Please hold on.

Also, the thing most necessary for us individually, is to be totally clean before God. We really must keep short accounts with Him, where we come back and repent every time we sin against Him... every time we think a wrong thought or say something direspectful to someone, or something hurtful, any time we fall into our regular sins...

True revival comes when we confess our sins openly to God and don't hold anything back from Him.

"Thank You Jesus that You are coming back quickly and that when You come, You will restore justice and truth and You will be vindicated before all men. I just can't wait to see You! Please make me ready no matter what, for when You return... I so want to be able to run into Your arms, not away. Come Lord Jesus."

May the Lord greatly bless all of you and even though you may not be able to get here in person, I praise God that you are here in spirit :) and I just pray that God will revive you also, no matter how far away you are! God bless you!

Sincerely and with love in my dear Jesus, Miriam :)

Oh! And please know that if you specifically want prayer for anything, maybe something that we can lift up to the Lord during our meetings if you can't make it personally, or anything at all, please let me know or send a note through our website and we'll pray!

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