Revival PEI 2009!
What amazing things God did during this time... each day we witnessed Him working in so many ways in all different people... I only wish that my pictures could give a taste of what it was like.. but I'm afraid they fall terribly short of conveying the true times of sweetness and innocence we found in God's Presence. All my pictures have to offer are a few of the fun times we had.. but those who were there know the reality of what we experienced in our lives and walks with God.. the times of refreshment and encouragement, the times where we could only sit and find our spirits just blessed by God's Spirit ministering to us.
I really couldn't get to many pictures of this time after all because my camera broke earlier on.. but then a dear friend gave me another one so I snagged a few pics. :) *Thank you, dear friend* <3>
what better way to start off a new post than with a lovely Sunday afternoon walk? :)
the concert theh same Sunday night! :)
And in the new performance hall- praise God!

a group picture before some of our dear friends (Estella, Joanna, and Lynn) head back South.
We love you all so much!!
somehwere in my posts I always need to include a picture of this view :}


me and my friend Lisa :)
*who is also going to be a student at the Bible Institute*

a day at the beach! :)

Joanna and I =)

folding party!!!!

Ah he! :) (that "he" part goes up a bit for added effect in a laugh)

The last night of Revival prayer meetings! Ahhhh what an awesome bunch! :) :)
Praise God for the wonderful things He did during this time.

afterwards we decided to see how many can be stacked up--
Abbie's just about to the Moon- see that? :D

a wedding on our hillside- what a place for one, huh?? =)

this next part may be a bit random to most of you folks out there... but it's of our time going to see our friends Chuck and Albert (that's pronounced with a french accent), so I wanted to document it. =)
a night out :)
awaiting admission into the theater

some... have been waiting far to long...

Chuck signing Abbie's arm =D

group pic with Chuck and Albert after the show! Wahoo! =)
Me an' Serenity!! :) :) :) <3
*most of you folks don't actually know her... but um, she's my friend's little daughter from Riverview, N.B.*

And out for an afternoon tree-climbing adventures in our woods =)
using a fallen tree to bridge a gap
getting the right angle ;P
*it helps if you stick your tongue out*

a glimpse into heaven....

Rachel and Jenny through the foliage =)

Leigh-Ana through the foliage :)

Emily and I... through the foliage (gee but my captions are original :)

a last hoorah group-pic with the Dumaresqs

parting is such sweet sorrow...

Leigh-Ana and I

the Alliance gives Rachel an official send off ... *sniff choke...*BAWL*
(funny writing this a month later and Rachel is standing right next to me... :)

a trip into Summerside for an afternoon

Sir Sethalot and his ship anchored in the bay

reagailing tourists with his stories of sailing adventures

a shot atop a lighthouse

Sethalot's ship from the lighthouse
Hello down there, Jenny! :)
remembering days gone by...

Yes, it seems like a strange place to end a post.. but see, I really have to many more to come to actually put on the same post... so I thought I'd stop at the end of this particular day and carry on the next morn when comes the posting of our cousin's wedding and the events both preceding and thereafter. SO here I shall end.
Aheh. :) God bless you all and have a great night!!


Hello Everyone!
Hallelujah and praise be to God!! He hath done mighty and wonderful things in this last few months! And in ways that the world at large wouldn't notice.... little, quiet revivals starting in one person here and there... AH it is so sweet to see how the Lord works and how close He is!

Now then, do you suppose that once every three months or so I should post some pictures? Because, I don't want to like, cause anyone information overload or anything.. so I might just, you know, keep things reasonable and sparing...
Well, I finally got the time to sit down and post some pictures for you all, all who have been so kindly reminding me... that it's been... 3 months... since my last post... and some of you who have checked it every day... and finally gave up and just came up to our place to see everything that's going on... you know who you are.
SO for you and all, here is a first installment of our summer- the beginning of the summer when my dear sister and her husband and son came up to visit from GA(!) which was wonderful!! and the completion of the concert hall(!) Praise God! I wanted to make sure I put those pictures up for all those who have been praying so faithfully through the year! :) And then just some random pictures throughout the month of July before Revival PEI. :) You should have seen the busyness! But... we didn't take pictures... so... you can just only imagine! :) lol

Anyways, the summer went wonderfully and now I just can't believe that we're already into Fall(!) and on our tour in New England. We're heading out to PA tomorrow morning for the rest of the week, so if you think of it, please pray for us and all those we meet during the concerts because we so desire and pray that God would draw them to Himself, and bring life into the deadness, and light into the deep darkness. AND pray for your friends and non-friends that they would be drawn to God- that they would suddenly be touched by His Holy Spirit- our nation is impacted by the ones and twos that grow into thousands.

God bless you and keep seeking Jesus! His return is soon! :)
In Christ, Miriam
the newly completed concert hall!

from the balcony

further from the stage

and uh, closer.. to the stage ...
BUT... you can see the twinklies
And a shout went out throughout the camp!
(hm.. I don't suppose that's an authentic Scriptural shout...)
bringin' in gear for the first time

my nephew Luke!! What a cute little buckaroo! :) :)
Don't ya just wanna tickle the stuffin's outta him?? :)