our summer begins with a sunday morning concert
on our Island fair in Murray Harbour :)

we had a great time with you guys!
God bless you!

as our deadline closes in we get a fast-action
stamping party going- we need 3,000 brochures
stamped 3 times done in 3 days.
Will we make it? Will we make it??
* to relieve the suspension, yes, we DID make it on time, with boxes ready and waiting for the fellow to come by and distribute them. *
*WHEW* =)

during a concert in Amherst, N.S.
what a fun group =)
Praise God for such an awesome night!
some great new friends we got to know and love =)
just before we leave Truro, N.S.
us with one of the pastors from the church
and our new friends the Johnsons!!
back on the Island...
ahhhh the lengths your photographer will go to
impress you- risking life and limb to bring you such outstanding
shots such as this view off our roof =)
what colors! A carpet of snow meets a carpet
of sunshine- 'tis beautiful :)

working hard on site, I see

WOOO-hoo it's Canada Day!
Break open the "Thunder Bombs" left over from our party in '89
and we're ready to celebrate right!
our trip to Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
our back room arrives!
So fun!! =D
our super cool family!!
God bless you guys!!!!!

the guys hangin' out next morning

me and my new friend Sarah =)

Wow! My 2 favorite things in 1 spot!
A horse AND Starbuck's!! Doesn't get much better
than that! =}
the guys hard at work....

or hardly workin' ... ;)

in which we meet our new friends the Dewhursts who
came to a concert and had nachos with us =)

~~ during Revival P.E.I. ~~
a group of our dear friends who made it up to pray
with us!
more courageous souls who braved various trials
to make it up here =)
and the Luekens made it! At long last and through many
troubles indeed!

and our DEAR friends Jacqueline and James
from Quebec =)
So I think I'll close with this for now because it's the end of my pictures
taken during the Revival meetings.
God bless you all!!!!!