AND we're off!!! Wahoo! =D

and I'd like to introduce you all to Sarah (left) and Tai (right) who are on board for a new adventure! sadly... Lisa (middle) is staying back this trip. :( She's going to be home at the Lodge to continue the ministry that is going on there- which, by the way, is REALLY exciting!! In this picture she came with us all the way to Kensington! =D

and for those of you who don't know these folks here... from left to right, Gabe! oh wait, you probably knew him already... then, Sir Reginald Artichoke Leo III, Sir Edgar, Marquis of Wolthemshire, and myself. :) Oh oh, you can call those other guys Jon and Chris.

Ahhh yes... one thing I love about being on the road is you finally get to be away from so much technology... glad to leave behind the other 3 computers! *Whew*

AH! Here it is- our new favorite place in Quebec Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! What a great name!! Man I hope we get to play there some day... =D

Woohoo! Foliage to play in!!

bunches and bunches of leafy-ness! :]

Hmmm.. something isn't quite right about that mound of leaves over there...

haha! There was a Chris underneath! =D

y'know those dream about falling and how you always wake up before you actually hit the ground...?

oh sure... just make it worse, huh? haha :)

us girls :)

shadow hellos!

haha- this is so fun...

okay, okay.. I won't post anymore =D
*by the way, that's Sarah and I*
a lovely, if quick stroll to the lakeside down the street from our friend Jackie's home.
I say quick because we had 8 minutes to walk down there, touch the water, throw a rock, take a couple pictures and load back in the van =D

Dear Jackie and her son James :)

umm.. US! =D

Aw- bye Jackie! We love you SO much!!
Thanks for opening your cozy home to us again! =)

at the Hounsomes'!!!
AND they have a riock-climbing wall!!
... 'course I probably shouldn't say anything 'cause then EVERYBODY will want to go =D
Zoe and her friend Anita who just flew in from Alberta :)
*compliments of Nina's photography :) *

and Nina! :) :)

*compliments of Bronwyn.. or Bon-Bon as I will now affectionately call her* =]

all of us together- what a super sweet time!!
We had such great fellowship even in a short time! Praying together and chatting... really wonderful =)

Awww- we love you guys!
We're praying for you and miss you already!