Hello Everyone!
Wow! I'm so glad to finally get a new post up! :D There's been so many exciting things happening and lots of fun pictures...and no time to post them! But I finally got a night to get a few on here so I hope you enjoy. :)

Well, I'm feeling very emotional right now... a mixture of joy, tears, eagerness, gladness, and excitment(!) I just listened to and watched a clip of Second Chapter of Acts. (an interview)I don't know if any of you have heard of them, but they're a brother-sisters trio with just an overwhelming love for Jesus.
They have such an awesome testimony and the sweetest music...and their love for the Lord just fills your heart with gladness as you listen to their music. In fact, since I'm talking about them, I think I'll just try to give you all a link to this clip, ok? I REALLY would like you to see it! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4XuvHrK9Sg

They're of course older now, but their voices are just as good! It's so sweet though because the whole group around the room is made up of those who have been saved and pulled out of worldliness, from the hippie movement like my Dad was. And each of them has a special story to share. :) But we were just struck by it all... it's like a beautiful glimpse into some of what heaven is made of: sitting and singing with eachother,so enjoying the presence of God... only God will BE THERE. OH, what an awesome and joyous thing! Each one who has pressed on through countless trials in this world because we bear Christ's name... all together finally to share with each other our stories and unique ways that God has been with us, helping in so many different ways!
And the fact that Jesus will be sitting WITH us enjoying... well, I suppose enjoying our company as much. I can't imagine! :)
We get filled with such life and energy spending time with Him here, with all of the things that distract us and keep us from spending every minute with Him....How much MORE joy, and more sweetness, and more friendship will there be when we are actually with Him?! He keeps having such patience with us and keeps bringing us up when we fall, He must be just as excited for us to finally be safe and sound in His arms... safe from all of the Devil's attacks.
Anyway, I know I'm talking a lot, but I'm just so, well, I just can't wait to get to heaven! :D
Also, I'd like to share a clip of them (2nd Chapter of Acts) doing the same song when they were performing as young adults:

Alrighty, I'll let you go now and check out some pictures. :) God bless you!!
In Christ, Miriam

It all started as a perfect happy winter day...

note to reader: some pictures have been left out of the following post due to the author deeming them too graphic for the weak-kneed; pictures of the many snowball-in-the-face battles along the way... the carnage of snow bombs in the road and along the wayside...


a nice....

... peaceful...


Well, there were several more skirmishes and...


But wait! They will not be defeated so easily...


Ahhhhhh, nothing like a good, peaceful walk to refresh and
relax one's self.


I leave you all with this pic of Andrew and I in the kitchen making WHOOPIE pies!
And everyone knows that when you bake you get flour on your nose!