Then we went for a nice peaceful walk...


Melissa said...

Okay, NOW I'm missing winter. It's feels so cold here right now, probably because of a lack of snow to insulate things! Looks like you've got some nice winter weather though! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Miriam, I like the pictures if all the wintery things you and your brothers did. I think you all are comming close to me changing my mind about not liking the snow. ALMOST. I still do not like it being ssssooo c...c...cold. But as you and your brothers would say, "snow is a blessing from Jesus." I guess I can see why. It does make people happy and it can be fun when people are out with you.
P.S I think that If we want to talk anymore we would have to either write to one another through mail or your blogs because I thought I could use my cell phone but PEI is out of the country so it makes the bill sky high. I really can't wait till you come back to Mass. Send my love to everyone your sis-in-Christ Mel.
P.P.S on a happy note Daniel is comming home in a week for a month so try to come home so you and the family can meet him:)

Miriam Petrofsky said...

Hey Melissa-Dear,
I'm so glad to hear that we're having an influence on your winter thoughts. ;)
Oh I'm so sorry about the cell phone bill! I didn't even think of it! :( We'll have to work out something else... I like writing letters, so we could try that. :)
Well, we can still hold eachother accountable with spending an hour a day with God ~ prayer for eachother does amazing things. :D
Hope you have a wonderful day and God bless you!
your sister in Christ, Miriam