Hi there,
Just wanted to say that I am praying that you all have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

It is our joy to honor Christ's birth in particular this weekend and I pray that we all celebrate it with clean hearts before God and in complete unselfishness. Please join with me in this because it takes a lot of prayer to have unselfishness and a lot of confessing and making up with God to get to completely clean hearts before Him. =) So, God bless you and enjoy your time with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Love in Christ, Miriam


Hi There, This is just a quick note to say that I am going to be running around tomorrow and the next day I'm on the road to P.E.I. so I won't be able to post anything for a couple more days. But I do want to share this with you with the remaining time.

Utter holiness, crystal pure, was Amy Charmichael's desire. She did not see how any true christian should have a lesser. "If we are not clean when we bear the vessels of the Lord, we may profane His holy name in the things which we hallow." We have to start really praying for holiness and purity. Especially us Christian girls being constantly bombarded on all sides with the ways of the world changing what God wants us to be like. We are now being taught through various media and society in general, to be very selfish and demanding rights, and all this stuff. We are being taught to always expect the best and get what we want.

Also, have you seen the clothing these days? It's the hardest thing to find modest clothes! And, say, respecting our parents?? That concept is laughed at and scorned in movies and school. The world is blowing up our pride and our self-centeredness which God has been trying so hard to pull out of us. I would say that we are FAR FROM holiness and purity.

So, I think it's about time to break the mold and start really praying to be different. Start praying for purity. Start praying for holiness.
Maybe some of you are confused and are wondering what exactly holiness means. I think the best answer I could give is that it is seperation from the things of the world and clinging to the things of God. But it becomes clearer as you get close to God and He even gives you his own definition for your life. We want to stand out as being different. Stand out as children of God. We want Him to be able to recognize us as His daughters! I was at a church service yesterday and the pastor was saying that we should start spending more time in prayer so that we know God better. So when we come face to face with Him, we know Him. We know what He's like and we love Him for everything He does. His ways are so amazing!

I hope this encourages you and I hope we all take it to heart. God bless you and I love you lot's!

Love in Christ, Miriam

P.S. the quote about Amy Charmichael is from a book about her called:"A Chance to Die" by Elisabeth Elliot