New York City!
Alrighty then, before anything happens, we
must needs construct a stage

playing in Washington Square :)

grabbed a quick shot before leaving

~in Central Park~
Gabe in front of the Bethesda Fountain
carting in gear

playing in the bandshell

the team God let us work with-
part were from the Times Square Church and part from
a group called the Manhatten Gathering.
What an awesome group of believers who just love God and want to work for Him!

the crew we got to spend some time with while loading up-
and LOOK! Our Grandmother made it to Central Park! *center*
She took a train and a cab to Manhatten....
what a courageous lady! haha
a glimpse into the Park

Gabe and I find a great balcony on yonder knoll :)
travelin' in style in N.Y.C.
(you wouldn't believe what we fit in this van :)
my but the buildings around here are tall...

and they'll just shoot up right in front of you if you're
not careful!

amid the mad dash of cabs- the thrill as we whizz
around corners in our camper with the best of them!
and of course we stopped at one of the many
Starbucks =)
*this particular one on the corner of Lafayette and Astor*

Look! The Skys on Broadway!!! =D

setting up at the street fair in Queen's

during the outreach
(this is one of those times when you felt
God's presence and peace offstage :)

Praise and glory to God!
What an awesome opportunity to spread His
Word to so many people!

In which we celebrate the Oh-Joyous-Occasion
of Gabe's Birthday!!!
Happy 22nd Gabe!!!
the precision cutting of the cake begins
*it helps to stick your tongue out*

the lively birthday crew..

okay okay, I'll put a good shot on too haha :)

opening a card from the Stoners :)

Thank you Stoners for the snackypoos-
we enjoyed them on our trip! :)

a friendly handshake for the new
Money Island cap

hmmmm what could this be...?

the eyes

the victim

suspense building...


ahhhh nice :]

"Thanks Dad, a new Bodhran is nice!"

" For the Alliance!!!" ;)


Hello All!
Here is a *brief* catching up of pics from New Brunswick to Connecticut!
God has been leading us to and through all sorts of adventures! Thank you all for your prayers and encouragment, we really really feel it when people pray for us. Hope you enjoy the pics and God bless!
In Christ, Miriam
Riverview Baptist Church, N.B.

having fun with jazz before the concert

chattin' in the kitchen whilst
awaiting lunch =)

and everyone together for a picture :)
the Crossman's who put us hooligans up for the night
and Pastor Jonothan, his wife and dear family.

in Underhill, VT !

Praise God! We had a really wonderful time with
you guys and met so many neat people who were
such encouragments to us!

in Shrub Oak, N.Y.

had an awesome time with you all and pray for
you often! God bless!

a seascape on the way to Money Island that
I thought worth posting~
my, isn't it lovely!
in Ansonia, CT
Rudy volunteers!
(including the pastor :)
*special thanks to Hannah for taking this shot*

new friends gathered!
my friends Gigette and Sammi
(and Erica who happened to pop in the picture at that moment) =D
and next we got to go to Greenville Baptist Church, MA

Oh and what a wonderful night! It was an awesome family reunion
time to reconnect with so many dear friends who made it out! It was so
great to see you all!