Hi there!
I wanted to show you the pics of this past weekend's trip to Maryland. We had such a good time! =) There were a hundred things I wanted to capture on film such as: all of us swinging at the playground and our visit with the Krauses . But, alas, I didn't have my camera on me! *sheesh
I'm not very prepared am I? Anywho, here is just the outline of the trip...in a drawn out manner. So hope you enjoy! God bless you
Your sister in Christ, Miriam

On the road agaaaaain
(sorry, some people missed the cue.
.... for some strange reason, Daddy didn't seem to want to take a look in the direction of the camera....golly)

And the George Washington bridge...
except, I couldn't get a decent shot with all the trees
in the way... so please bear with me.
That's a, er, lovely tree by the way... =)
I suppose I should say something about it since it landed itself smack dab in the
middle of my otherwise-perfect shot.

And whizzzz
over the bridge
Wahooooo! =)

And here we are at the church in Owings Mills. =)

Here's the church
(they have a school, too)

The outside of the parsonage we stayed at;
isn't it sweet? :)

The inside of the parsonage.
Doesn't it look like it should be a parsonage?
I thought it the cutest place. As there was rather a lack of time
when I got a chance to take pictures, I didn't get the bedrooms or the kitchen;

First, I thought this a lovely little lane...
but look closely: there's a horse and rider in the distance! :)
I tried to take the pic while you could, say, see the horse,
but I kinda missed my golden opportunity :(

So I decided to make it up to you by finding a
random picture of horses. Awwwwww
I love horses! :)

Our lights man ;)

Golly, what a height!
How positively daring! :)

Our back room
~ Now right about here I should probably have a picture of ~
the actual show... but I actually didn't get any 'cause I was, well, not really
in the right position to take pictures. lol

I know it didn't come out very clear, but I thought this was a really sweet moment at night after the concert in the rain. It was so still, so calm, so peaceful,the light misty-rainyness,and the bare little tree lit up by the lamp post ...*sighhhhhh

Outside of Cross Rhythm Church

it was pretty nifty-spiffy with the
fireplace 'n all. =)

Our back room.
It was all bright and sun shiny :)

our camera man.
He'll go any height :)

sorry, just had to take it...it looked so cool
on the oh-so-calm water

A view of the bridge o'r the Chesapeak Bay

Dunkin Donuts in Delaware...
amazing how far we'll go... ;)

We're back!
Relaxing at Panera Bread


Hello Dears,
How are you doing? I'm doing quite well, though I'm a little bogged down right now with so much school work to finish up this week. *a little on that at Miripoo's chit chat* =)
Which is why I haven't been keeping up with my posts. :S *sigh .... well, hopefully I'll be able to make them a little more scheduled and stable. ..... ..... ............... speaking of stable! Let me tell you a little about stable octets and ionic bonding! LOL Did you know that, In order to achieve a stable octet, a chlorine atom must either donate 7 electrons to another atom, accept 1 electron from another atom, or share electrons with another atom? Why yes! It's so true! But wait: If chlorine reacts with a metal, the chlorine atom accepts an electron, becomes an ion, and forms a compound consisting of ions joined by an ionic bond. Totally awesome! :D Er, I've been kinda doing a lot of Chemistry. But, I do love it, though I don't understand quite everything.

Anyways, I don't have a whole lot to say this time but that I really want to ask for prayer. I would like us to start really spending time praying for each other. The Devil has been really attacking me lately and making it very hard for me to focus on God. But I think that's the case with all of us. I mean, the world will never make time for you to spend with Jesus. And the Devil certainly will use anything to get our minds off of God. When we finally do get past all of the distractions and sit down with Him, the Devil attacks our thoughts and we just can't get past the barrier of fog.
Well, I'm sick of it! I want to get close to Jesus and have such a close fellowship with Him! I was at Bible study the other night and my brother was talking about the close relationship that God wants to have with us. Actually, it was really, really,really neat and eye-opening, so if you want me to send you a copy of it I will! I want you to read it!

Anyways, I just want each of us to pray for each other and I'll pray for you, because we REALLY need the support. Ah, I just found some verses that perfectly sum it up. :
" For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses.
We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ." ~ 2Cor.10:3-5

Wow, the beginning tells that we are not waring with any earthly thing, but with the supernatural; and the end is so encouraging and victorious! Our thoughts are under submission to us through Jesus! So when you sit down to spend time with God and your thoughts get in the way, just say aloud," Devil, get out of my thoughts in the name of Jesus. You are under God's authority and must obey Him." Yay! we don't have to let our mind win! We don't have to let the Devil win! Yay! Thank you Lord!

Please pray for each other! Love you lot's and God bless!
Your sister in Christ, Miriam