Hi there!
I wanted to show you the pics of this past weekend's trip to Maryland. We had such a good time! =) There were a hundred things I wanted to capture on film such as: all of us swinging at the playground and our visit with the Krauses . But, alas, I didn't have my camera on me! *sheesh
I'm not very prepared am I? Anywho, here is just the outline of the trip...in a drawn out manner. So hope you enjoy! God bless you
Your sister in Christ, Miriam


Eric Richardson said...


Let your brothers know that I WILL be at your concert at New Life on Saturday no matter the weather, considering I live only three minutes away.

Eric, the other guy who graduated with Joel

Miriam Petrofsky said...

Hey, That's awesome! Wow, what a surprise to hear from you! Alrighty, I'll do that... God bless!
In Christ, Miriam