Dunkin Donuts in Delaware...
amazing how far we'll go... ;)

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Anonymous said...

Miriam, I wanted to put this on your chit chat blog for your recipes but i dont have a user name or pas word so i found the pic of this Dunkin Donuts where I can send a Message/prayer request
when God gives you the time for your recipes make sure you put up your resipe for that oreo cake!!!I dont know if you were planning to make your recipe blog for only healthy recipes...but if not be sure you add that okay?How are you,Joel,Gabe,Seth and your dad doing this fine day? Hmm I wonder when we will see each other again. Soon I pray. Speaking of prayer, please pray for me about my job at Quinsigamond, I do not know what Jesus has planed for me in the future for assistant teaching and I need some friends to raise me up during their prayer time, thank you. Well I am at My college right now and should be heading off to the day care, we are going to the Worcester Art Museam in an hour.
Much love and joy to you, your family and to all who read this.
your sis in Christ,
Mel Thibeault.