entering the most beautiful state I've seen so far!

just married :)

we're... almost... there... *sigh*

Whew! Dunkin Donuts at last... it's been almost 2 HOURS since
we've seen one! *Can only handle driving in the country for so long* :P

the interior
what a sweet church!!

the stage before Pastor Glen and his Dad ...er..added to it :)
*courtesy of Careth Davis*
our lights man...

our back room :D

ooh ooh, hope there are no cameras around!


In front of the Belmont General Store
the happenin' spot in downtown Belmont ;)
the outside of the church and Daddy :)
acclaimed as the highest church spire in Vermont....
so of course I have to make note of it!
heyyyyyyy, wait just one second!

awaiting the most , er, different show :)

different indeed

a late snack with the Davises

heading out to Buttermilk Falls....
sort of

the troops head out

Seth demonstrating just how well those energy drinks work
for him . Thoroughly invigorted after downing one
he makes it to the top.

On top of the falls ;)

Gabe navigating his way over and around rocks

new life...
I was so stunned to come upon this part... it was so peaceful
with the sun filtering through the leaves of the saplings
Look! It'sa, it's a... wait I have to get my guidebook out....
it looks like a... a Wesley! wow I can mark that up on my
rare species sightings list!
I leave you with this relaxing shot

Alrighty, I'm going to have to post this in segments... because it's really, really late and I'm really not thinking straight right now :S You can tell because the following pics (for the most part) are just cut and dry narration that you could most likely tell what they were just by looking at them :) So this is the second half of our trip to Vermont starting with a part of Buttermilk Falls and our time traipsing through the woods with the Davises. I will try to post the first half tomorrow :) So I hope you enjoy and God bless you!!!
Love in Christ, Miriam

P.S. plus if I had put them all in one shot it would be like, WOW... lot's of pictures. :D
a little waterfall off to one side...
it's so .... nice :)
boy, what a place to just sit and enjoy... meditate on God...
He thought of that, you know? wow
the rest of the gang relaxing on the
other side of the pool

"ho there!"

a view of the falls farther down....
ahh so neat, I could watch it for hours :)


Wesley and Gabe

us girls ;)

us relaxing...
iced tea, a hammock, a tire swing, wow :)

during the concert

the silhouette
the Newfies :D

the cossack :D

audience left :)

audience right :)
what an awesome bunch!


teehee :)

just us :)
Pierre ;)

Careth playing the harp...what a beautiful
the Davis family serenading us
one of us with some of them
Saying goodbye to a lovely family....we miss you guys
*sorry I didn't get any group shots with David in them!*