our first frost!!! :)

in which we go a'wandering through
the frosty morn'

a frosty sun-lit border

on our right, a breath taking vista

on our left, a fog gently rolling through

a little wayside glimpse into God's beauty
meandering back

what a delightful contrast in colors!

and the SUN blazes through!
Oh what a glorious morn!

Next day and...

"A shaft of light is piercing through the
early morning gloom..."

"Ah there's yon chimney-sweep" :)

just pulling up the brush...

the recieving end
*that is, recieving the resulting soot*

"wait a half a minute...."

" this can't be right...!"

taking down wires

and more wires

Oh and the carnage! will this mindless violence never end?

Man just like the good old days, eh Dad? :)

"wait,wait, I got it... I got it!"

viewing the work from the new observation deck
*Oh, whew, yes Joel did survive that last scene- you thought there
was another casualty didn't you*
in which we meet the Adams Family!
they are en route to Quebec
playing some music together =)

we had a wonderful time with you all- come again!
Blessings on your family!

looking out my window at our 1st snow!!!
Woohoo! I spring out the door!
after this we proceeded to make a few tracks in the snow
and all around enjoy the beauty :)

and as the clouds whisk away... we know
what they have left behind


Hello All!
This next post of pictures is really just fun. :) It's of our time here on the Island at a sweet little park where we looked at Fall foliage and had a lovely walk.. then of our new undertaking of a project to build an addition to our concert hall up here. It's been exciting because God has just miraculously been providing for it and giving us amazing weather for November! Haha So Praise God. =)
But before I go on to the pictures... I just really feel like I should share something with you...
How Jesus just wants to give you life! We in society are being constantly bombarded with all kinds of things that are leaving us empty-- more like, filling us with a heaviness and depression and emptiness that is almost tangible. We keep going to things for fulfillment, like more music, more entertainment, more alcohol to dull the empty feeling that results from these things, and drugs to give you a short, blessed lift trying to escape from the deadness dragging you down.
But the music just brings you down more.. the shows and video games bring you down... the drugs wear off and leave you far worse than before... these things still don't satisfy this horrible lifelessness. ......... your mind feels dulled and nothing truly gives you pleasure anymore.... so you've decided that there is no point in life- everything is hopeless. Even at the best the world has to offer- being in a business or at the top of a major corporation... then the best things you get are a huge house with more empty space to fill with things... expensive dinner parties that are still just food and alcohol... but you're still just an empty, lifeless person. Why?

Because, we were made with souls. Our bodies can be filled with all types of things and our minds, our hearts with passions and desires.... but our souls are left empty and desolate, not filled by anything except perhaps, the life-drying, death music you fill yourself with.....
Thus, that huge, gaping,empty void that we all feel constantly.
Now, we need something more. We need a Love that actually satisfies, a "fix" that actually fixes, a mender for our broken hearts, something that will give us a reason to live quick before we despair and just do away with our lives altogether!
This, my dear friend, is the point when you need to kneel down (yes kneel, you're in desperation, remember?) and call out to God- the only One Who really knows you- and ask Him to reach down and take hold of your life, to pick up the pieces that used to be your whole heart, and mend them, making you new.
Enter Jesus- Lover of your soul - (that huge gaping void that your relationships, music, tv, alcohol, and food couldn't fill)!
Jesus will run to you the moment you call to Him because He has seen your struggle and emptiness and longed to help you, but you had never asked before. And if you never knew to ask, then that's why I'm telling you this now! Jesus will fill you to overflowing with LIFE and JOY! He will give you a knew meaning to life!
A man named Charles Spurgeon once said about Jesus: "How encouragingly He preached of life given to men (and women) dead in sin, life through the living water that becomes a fountain in the soul! "
And look what Jesus Himself said (one of many things):
"If anyone is thirsty (parched by now), let him come to Me and drink. For the Scriptures declare that rivers of living water shall flow from the inmost being of anyone who believes in Me." (John 7:38-39)

When you have an encounter with Jesus, He will fill you to bursting with this intense joy! You'll just want to keep spending time with Him and suddenly all the other things that you were seeking will seem so dead! Just ask Him, "Lord Jesus, if You are real, please come into my life... please forgive me for turning to everything before turning to You.... and please fill the void in my life and give me a new purpose to be alive. Thank You Lord!"

So there you have it. I'm done now though this is only the beginning! May Jesus Christ be your source of joy and peace and fulfillment in your life!
God bless!
In Christ's love, Miriam


at Trout River Park

beholding the Trout River
a lovely little sun-lit path ....

that of course was inviting persons to explore it :)

"I say Fellow, how's the view up there?"

"Ahh, 'tis lovely! You really ought to climb up, you know"

"haha nooo that's quite alright...

this one's about right for me!" =)

the Watchman of the Path...

for just such a time as this when local wanderers
happen by!

Trout River from a distance
Ahhh a crisp, still moring- the waters as glass
and the sun shining...
a smashing day to start building onto the
performance center! =)
post hole digging

I say Joel, er, watch that next step...


hmm maybe that hole was bigger than I thought..

splendid job =)

it's um.. rather deep really

what a crew! haha

"Woah, muthta taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque"

"Where AM I anyways??"

and the first post is placed!!
... hmm? what? I missed it??

'scuse me, the second post is placed

our new friends at Ridgeway Baptist Church-
thanks for all your help, you guys are great! :)
And we keep you in prayer!
on our way home we came across this totally cute little plane!!
*Ahem*... that is NOT a 'cute little plane'... THAT is a
Grumman TBF Avenger"

*hah* well, okay, so it's a totally cool BIG plane =D