YAHOO we're going to Montana!

AND it's daytime! :)
Today we are officially at our half-way point of the tour- one month in- and somehow... it seems more like 3 months worth of adventures! :)
But I love how God works- - and we shall see what He has planned
for this next part as we go forth into the U.S. of A.

So this morning we were with the Jost family!
It was so neat how God made a very short time to be filled with such refreshment
and fellowship!
You see, our arrival was a bit delayed, due to unexpected snowy driving from Slave Lake AB (see Google maps on your browser) to their home at the border of Montana
So then we set off!
Once we crossed the border we got to see the Jost's and the Fehr's view from
the other side of the mountain
*See, you can tell 'cause the little pointy mountain is on the right now* :)
WOW! What a "butte"! :)

Golly, these must be the black hills we always read about!

This was such a cool overlook!!
'Course, we realized just moments further down the road that we actually over looked... the over look... with all the cool stairs... and super amazing view... *sigh*


See this? God thought of it.

As we drove, it became more and more Narnia-like as the snow began to fly and the mountains became more other-worldly... wow.
Unfortunately, I had a rather difficult time capturing just how dramatic everything was... in fact, these just aren't doing the scenes justice at all.
Work with me though, and try to imagine something like those winter scenes in New Zealand. :)

I wish you all could have overheard our awesome conversation in the van as we drove through these mountains in Montana. How amazing it is that each of
the rocks and hills and craggy mountain sides were placed specifically by God and came out of His imagination! And how one could climb up to the top of
any of these mountains and just take in the intricacies of everything in sight: every cave or break in the rocks of the mountains,
every grassy slope, every ripple of water which might be trickling down the side of a cliff face or descending amidst coarsely shaped rocks and grasses.
Then... to turn around and climb down the mountain side
and wander over to a grassy slope and sit down to take in yet more beauty... all the while spending each moment delighting in the Presence of God,
having the coolest and most wonderful conversations with Him. I didn't even know places like this existed in North America... and we haven't even made it
to Yellowstone Park yet! But oh, how much more lovely it will be to do all these things in our eternal home!

I will leave you with this update of our whereabouts :) as we continue, driving into the night along the Idaho highways. Oh wait! We're officially in Wyoming now! Yay! Goodnight and God bless you each!
In Christ, Miriam


Revival P.E.I. 2011 has begun!!

Hallelujah!! Blessed be the name of our Lord Jesus!

Tonight was the first night of prayer for revival (officially :) and I am already blown away... I just have such assurance that God does in fact want to, and will answer our requests. It's an amazing thing, but I just know that He will. :) His heart is so much more for revival than ours and He longs to pour down the rain of righteousness on our land. He desires that we would turn from our wicked ways and repent that times of refreshing would come!

Oh Lord Jesus, come and bring righteousness to our lands.

Tonight was so encouraging for me personally, because as a few of us went out to the fields to pray before the night started, we started to catch a glimpse of what God does want to do for PEI and the rest of the U.S. and Canada... and then throughout the course of the prayer meeting tonight, very nearly every thing we had prayed about while walking was reiterated by others who weren't with us! Such encouragement that God heard and will answer!

So for all those who have been praying and holding on to a hope from the Lord... maybe parents who have been praying earnestly for your sons and daughters to come back to Jesus, or maybe for those holding on to the hope that God will restore righteousness to the land... for all those with seemingly unanswered prayer, remember: God has heard. God will answer and is even now working out all details whether or not you can see them. And the best response is praise. Let us assume the best of God and praise Him with faith that He will do the thing we have asked of Him. Please hold on.

Also, the thing most necessary for us individually, is to be totally clean before God. We really must keep short accounts with Him, where we come back and repent every time we sin against Him... every time we think a wrong thought or say something direspectful to someone, or something hurtful, any time we fall into our regular sins...

True revival comes when we confess our sins openly to God and don't hold anything back from Him.

"Thank You Jesus that You are coming back quickly and that when You come, You will restore justice and truth and You will be vindicated before all men. I just can't wait to see You! Please make me ready no matter what, for when You return... I so want to be able to run into Your arms, not away. Come Lord Jesus."

May the Lord greatly bless all of you and even though you may not be able to get here in person, I praise God that you are here in spirit :) and I just pray that God will revive you also, no matter how far away you are! God bless you!

Sincerely and with love in my dear Jesus, Miriam :)

Oh! And please know that if you specifically want prayer for anything, maybe something that we can lift up to the Lord during our meetings if you can't make it personally, or anything at all, please let me know or send a note through our website and we'll pray!


Praise God!! He has just provided our new trailer!
And these are the guys who helped us! :)

So I want to tell you all the really cool story about this new trailer. :)
We're driving right now from Virginia to Pennsylvania and at a certain point not far from Mechanicsburg, PA (which is where we got our last trailer in the Fall of 2009) Dad suddenly realized that now might be the time to get a new one. So we prayed and figured what we might have to buy it with (you know... shells, beads, cloth... ;) just kidding.. but anyway, we really didn't have enough at all, so we just prayed that God would do something miraculous and went in to see what would happen. :)
Miraculous He did!!
This place happens to have had a special order for a trailer with extra-spiffiness (namely a long tongue for a large rig to pull with and reinforced metal) and the people who ordered it cancelled... so these guys really wanted that one to be sold. However, us not having enough funds for it, that option was ruled out. So the long and short of it is that the guy gave us an amazing discount on a great trailer, took our um, well-loved trailer *ahem* very well loved.. and then met us outside...having pulled up the nicer, more expensive, special order trailer. He said we could go ahead and take that one and not to worry about it. :)
We were so blown away! And... still are as a matter of fact. =)
So we had a great time with him, grabbed a picture and set out with God's newly provided trailer in tow! Don't worry, we DID remember to switch all of the equipment. ;)
There were so many other details, but I will just have to summarize with this abbreviated version.
God is so good and faithful to His servants. He knew how maxed out we were for space and had provided in amazing timing!
Glory to our loving Father!!!

We have now reached approximately our half way point of this tour and God has blessed it incredibly. Thank you all so much for your prayer support- God is using your faithfulness in upholding us and is ANWERING. So please keep praying! God bless each of you abundantly and may you grow more and more in love with our dear Father!

Your sister in Christ, Miriam

See that door beyond our trailer?
Yep, that right there is a cool door. :)
Pret-ty Spiff :)
And look at all this space!!!
Man, the guys are pretty excited =)

A-and, they even gave Tai and I fancy-shmancy
All Pro West hats! Yipee!
AND they matched our outfits!!
(lol I did have to put the totally classic girl line in there :)