Praise God!! He has just provided our new trailer!
And these are the guys who helped us! :)


Karissa Noelle said...

Heyyy Miriam!
How are you doing?
That's a great story! Thanks for sharing!
God is SO good, ALL the time! He will ALWAYS provide what we need, no matter what! :)
"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:19)
I can't believe you're coming back to NH this year to play again!
I hope that we will be able to be there to see you!
I changed my blog spot address, so I just wanted to let you know, in case you ever wanted t go on there...
It is now: www.SetApartGirl4Christ2.blogspot.com
Have a great day, Miriam!
luv ya! <3
Your Sister In Christ,
Karissa :)

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful! We got to see your new trailer last Sunday at Community Alliance Church in Hinesburg Vermont. I just read the story about how the Lord provided it for you. Given all the stuff we watched you load in I cannot imagine how you got it all in the old trailer! Please pass along to Gabriel, Joel, Seth and your Dad how much we appreciate your ministry and visit to us in Vermont. Have a great ride back to Prince Edward Island! May the Lord bless you all! Ray Forsell (Jen's Dad.)

Rachel said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! p.s. Like the hat in your profile pic! :) <3

Tiffany Lueken said...

wow i didnt realize you guys had a trailer! well obviously you would! you should get on facebook.

debbie moody said...

Hello Miriam, I pray the next 10 days of revival will be just that a revival. Praise the Lord. I am thankful you all came this spring to Virginia. All of you blessed us tremendously. Tell the newly engaged couple congratulations. I had no idea they were even a couple when here. I send you all my love and prayers. Looking forward to your return.Debbie Moody of Hidden Treasure @ Green Meadows Farm

Miriam Petrofsky said...

Hi All!
Your comments all blessed me! :) Karissa- I really hope to see you in Alton Bay! I checked out your blog and it looks awesome! I particularly loved the last post of standing for Christ! It's awesome!
Ray- It was awesome being there with you guys! Praise God for what He did and is still doing there! :) I passed on your message! send my love to Jen!!
Rachiekins! Awww, gee thanks! :D I like yer's too! (same one as'n is in the'ther pitchers ;) love ya!
Tiff- wish you could have stayed longer! We miss you around here! Let me know when you need prayer okay??
Debbie- Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement- wish so much you could be up here too, that you could be a part of everything! We've been thinking of and praying for you guys often and very much hope to do another outreach with you guys again! I'll pass on your message! :)
Love you!