this next set actually belongs a ways farther down but I wasn't able to put them on
when I was first posting. But I would have you note this particualer
piece...... just for the fun of it.... I couldn't let it go! :)

there they are...
bravely facing the rough high seas.
the intrepid band: Fearless,
calm, collected, in short.... in charge of their surroundings.
the waves hold no terror for them.
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welcome to the Pinewood
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Gabe demonstrating a pros' diving technique
Let's hit the pool!!! .... .... oh wait, it's only 60 degrees out...
hmmm.... maybe we should rethink this.....
alright, just make it a good pose. lol
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this is the life............... ;)
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another shot to let you know just
HOW relaxed we were ;)
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Sun peeping through the branches
another pic of the flowering tree
I just thought the branches looked really neat.
I don't really have any nice poetic terms to give it.... but it's still nice :)

and as long as we're so interested in this particular
tree.... how about another shot? I took quite a few
and just wanted to share :)
I like how the sun illuminates just one of the flowers

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Look! it's a flying machine!
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and here it is really zoomed in
So neat, eh?! :)
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Mrs. Brigg's and my room
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the Skowhegan Operah House

just look at the gold designs... that's how I knows it's a true
Operah house. It takes a keen eye and some know-how
but I'm sure you'll catch on one day ;)
view of the stage

view from the stage
wow, it was amazing

Gabe and our new friend and brother in Christ, Keith
(sorry sir, I'm afraid I never got your last name)

It's not very clear, but I thought this a patriotic and mighty moment.
the concert just over, it was about 10pm. Just knowing that we were doing work for God
and His name had been lifted up somewhere else in this nation... this nation that was started and founded
by God's people and based on God's principles.... which has since fallen far from the council of Heaven,
may now be back on the rise to godliness! Revival has begun! And all of us citizens of the U.S. can come back together
once again as one nation under God!

Boothbay Baptist Church
sorry I'm not at a computer that I can trim the pic... I'll try to fix it when I get back to Uxbridge
it didn't help that I took the picture on passing in a moving vehical
the sanctuary
it was a very sweet church, I grew quite fond of it :)
Quick guys, smile! :D
our back room... it was a little cozy but served our purpose quite nicely :)
er,... the bottle is sort of a human interest piece
I added it myself, what do you think? =D
Us with Pastor Dan and his mother in front of their family's espresso shop
.... .... what better place to meet? :D

no, we don't know them, but I thought I'd get them into a picture ;D

Teehee, I don't really know what to label this... but it was just nice :)
sorry you can't see things to well... or maybe it's just my computer

We happened to catch the parade on Memorial Day
so that was nice :)

and the brass band :)

I just thought this was kinda pretty :)
it's a little fountain (in case you can't see the stream part)

nifty house =)

WOW... fungi! ;)
you're going to have to blow this one up,
the dew is beautiful :)

We stopped to visit my Grandmother on the way back and had a happy reunion
with her and my cousin Angie's family.

who's this little one?

Us with Grandma Greenleaf and Angie and her kids =)
It was so neat to see everyone!

the boys playing monopoly...
they always find the best places! :)
I bid you adieu with this picture of wild roses :)