Us with Pastor Dan and his mother in front of their family's espresso shop
.... .... what better place to meet? :D


Anonymous said...

Hey everyone good to see you again... even though it is just a picture, it is better than nothing:) I pray I get to see you all in person soon. God bless you and much love in Christ to my spiritual family.
Your sister in christ,
Mel Thibeault

Miriam Petrofsky said...

Hey Melissa!
So great to hear from you. I've tried calling a couple times but you've been out. =( But we're on the case to get you to the Charlton concert! Hope to see you soon! God bless.
Lot's of love in Christ, Miriam

Anonymous said...

Miriam and family,
Thank you sooo much for pulling all the strings you did for me to be at your Charlton concert. I had a great time seeing all of you there. Also it was fun seeing Jane of Lean Stables,the Scottish golf player,Joel's violen playing (the one that he got from the Lord)seeing Seth and dancing with Rudy Floobendoopper (did I spell his name wrong?, It's okay i'll get it right next time:)I pray I will see you all at my house this week. Jesus loves you all and I do too,
Your sister in Christ,
Mel Thibeault

Anonymous said...

I did not know that a Christian family owns Moosehead coffee! Looks like I learn something new everyday.

Also pays me to pay a bit more attention to your blog.

In Christ,