the lighting begins
Seth helps decorate the tree =)

our finished Christmas tree :)
so sweet and homey..... *sigh*
Dad relaxing :)

Christmas kitty!
*haha I um, had a little fun here.. * :)

and yes indeed a ROUSING game of Old Maid
on New Year's Eve!
And.. guess which card Joel's gonna pick.....
out wahoo-ing looking at Christmas lights-
Here at the Confederation Building in C'town

visiting some of my dear friends Rachel and Jessica Sentner

One of the Islander's master fiddle repairmen-
Reg Grady is one of the folks that make the Island such a special place :)

Woohoo! Look at all the snow that fell last night!!! =)
Align Center AND judging by the h'rizon.... there's more coming!

Dad and Joel getting as much work done as possible
before said horizon comes any closer

yip here it is :)



Hello Everyone!

Here are those pictures of our time in Stowe, Vermont that I was telling you about- among which is our visit to the (von) Trapp Family Lodge!
Though I didn't get pictures of either *where was I anyway??* we did get a chance to meet Johannes Trapp (one of Maria's sons) who is the manager of the Lodge, and Eleanor Trapp (a daughter of Maria) who came to one of our concerts that weekend! It was very special and Mrs. Trapp I would have to say, was one of the sweetest ladies I've met. :) She was a real dear.
Also in this post is our time at Hunger Mountain Christian Assembly and visits with wonderful friends. :) Praise God- it was a wonderful weekend!
I hope you enjoy the pictures and God bless you!!
In Christ, Miriam
"I acknowledged my sin to Thee, and my iniquity I did not hide;
I said, 'I will confess my transgressions to the Lord',
and Thou didst forgive the guilt of my sin."
~ Psalm 32:5
Thank You Lord!
The Trapp Family Lodge- this-a-way
*we did decide to just follow the signs instead of beating our own path*

us in front of the main entrance :)
woohoo- made it!

in the sun room where we're feeling...
well and dually sunned. =)

and with the dear lady at the front desk-
we had to get her in the picture! :)

Ahhh breathing in the crisp Vermont air!
'Tis lovely out!
*if a bit chilly*
Gabe standing atop the mountain :)

wow what a neat place huh?
There was quite a bit more to it but I couldn't
catch it all on the camera
and what a view!!

though pictures hardly do it justice!Add Image

a mighty mountain range
*with car roofs in the foreground to give a bit of depth*

with our dear friends Earl and Priscilla
who not only showed us the place, but were kind
enough to put us up for a couple nights. =)
Thank you both SO much!
what was it about bright copper kettles?....
well, they're certainly a few of MY favorite things! ;)
between sound check and the concert we were
able to get together with our dear friends
Chris and Pat Beltrami for lunch-

SO great to see you guys again!

oh..... hey it's awesome to see you guys too! =)

during the concert the same night

our new friends at Hunger Mountain
Christian Assembly!!
everyone say "EH!!!"

we SO enjoyed meeting all of you at both concerts
and were so blessed to be able to go there! :)
God bless you all!

and with dearest Tracy who put so much work
into these nights!
Thank you!! =)
admiring the snowflakes :)
and last, the Green Mountain Inn at night time with all
of its Christmas lights which... we just thought
looked neat. :)


Hello All!
I know it's a bit belated, but Merry Christmas!! And of course Happy New Year too!!!
This last month and a bit have been very adventurous and full and now it seems so strange to be at home on the Island where we're... well, in the same place for more than one night. Haha :)
Anyway, praise God for a wonderful trip to New England! We met so many neat people and got to visit with dear friends in between; and besides concerts, God let us have Bible studies with folks and sweet times of fellowship! So awesome!
I unfortunately forgot to take pictures half the time- so the trip is not incredibly well documented (!) BUT I did get all of the nutty pictures we took at friends' houses, which I hope are entertaining to you all! lol :)
One thing I'd like to mention is that while up in Vermont, we did get to visit the (Von) Trapp Family Lodge, where Maria went after the events that gave us the Sound of Music. So that was really wonderful! =) Of all times I didn't have my camera with me (left it in CT!) but someone else was kind enough to let me borrow their's -- but I forgot those when planning tonight's post, so I'll have to get them up as soon as I can!
I hope you enjoy the pictures- they're just fun. =) haha

Be encouraged in the Lord! Keep holding fast to Jesus as the world gets darker and more wicked. There is a place that is still safe and clean- free from the world's perversion: as you let go of the world and it's ways more and more, and keep seeking God, dwelling in His Presence and filling your mind with His Word ... you will find His innocence and beauty even in the midst of the darkest and noisiest cities! But you need to ask for innocent eyes and a pure heart.... and God can still grant those unimaginable gifts even now. Thank You Lord. We desire willful Innocence O Lord.

God bless you all!
~ Miriam
the front of our new addition and one corner completed before we leave the Island!
(which.. apparently old news, but I missed the memo :) haha

In which we meet the new owners who are leasing the Hearthstone Inn-
what a sweet couple! Apparently they stayed with us while it was open! :)

part of the fireplace in the Great Hall
*which is why of course we named it the Hearthstone Inn* :)

a quick pose before we leave

strolling down a street in Long Island

umm, I believe the name of it was Canal st. :)

Isn't this so neat?
It was actually a water way in the middle of a suburb with houses built on the water
and boats as traffic! *not their only means of conveyance of course, but so cool huh?

Now in North Haven CT Dad shows us that
famed university out of which his testimony
is based-
Quinnipiac :)
different entrance way now

wow that's the field of trailers??
Sure has changed a lot since you were here, huh Dad?
It's a metropolis!! :)
at the concert close by
how does he always find us??

during the Christmas program :)

In which we have dinner with our friends George and Joanna Guyon
and Mike and Marty *sorry, Mike is taking the picture*
You all are so sweet and dear to us, we so enjoyed having Bible study with you!
God bless!!!
in N.Y.C. again!! Praise God!
We got to meet with the Manhatten Gathering for an
evening and what a sweet time of fellowship!

Christmas lights down the streets in Queens
and snow! The perfect touch! :)