In which we meet the new owners who are leasing the Hearthstone Inn-
what a sweet couple! Apparently they stayed with us while it was open! :)

part of the fireplace in the Great Hall
*which is why of course we named it the Hearthstone Inn* :)

a quick pose before we leave


Patty Lueken said...

When did you go there and meet them?
What's the scoop with the Inn?
Are they reopening it?
Eager to hear, can you tell?
Mrs. L

Miriam Petrofsky said...

Hi Mrs. Lueken!
We went to the Inn Nov 21st (to be exact =) and meeting the leasers was really neat (they've signed a 5 year contract with the option to buy) and they have officially opened as of 3 weeks ago. So, we'll see what happens and are glad that there's action going on there again. :) They've done a great job sprucing the place up! (repainting the exterior,re-urethaning the floors, etc) so we're glad about it.
We'll see what God has in store for the place!!
Love, Miriam