Hello All!
I know it's a bit belated, but Merry Christmas!! And of course Happy New Year too!!!
This last month and a bit have been very adventurous and full and now it seems so strange to be at home on the Island where we're... well, in the same place for more than one night. Haha :)
Anyway, praise God for a wonderful trip to New England! We met so many neat people and got to visit with dear friends in between; and besides concerts, God let us have Bible studies with folks and sweet times of fellowship! So awesome!
I unfortunately forgot to take pictures half the time- so the trip is not incredibly well documented (!) BUT I did get all of the nutty pictures we took at friends' houses, which I hope are entertaining to you all! lol :)
One thing I'd like to mention is that while up in Vermont, we did get to visit the (Von) Trapp Family Lodge, where Maria went after the events that gave us the Sound of Music. So that was really wonderful! =) Of all times I didn't have my camera with me (left it in CT!) but someone else was kind enough to let me borrow their's -- but I forgot those when planning tonight's post, so I'll have to get them up as soon as I can!
I hope you enjoy the pictures- they're just fun. =) haha

Be encouraged in the Lord! Keep holding fast to Jesus as the world gets darker and more wicked. There is a place that is still safe and clean- free from the world's perversion: as you let go of the world and it's ways more and more, and keep seeking God, dwelling in His Presence and filling your mind with His Word ... you will find His innocence and beauty even in the midst of the darkest and noisiest cities! But you need to ask for innocent eyes and a pure heart.... and God can still grant those unimaginable gifts even now. Thank You Lord. We desire willful Innocence O Lord.

God bless you all!
~ Miriam

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Anonymous said...

First of all, I love The Sound of Music story, and I've always wanted to go there!

It seems like the world is getting so much brighter around me. It's so cool. So many good things have been happening! =] Sure it's not always exactly right, but God is still in control, He's going to take care of EVERYTHING. It's so good to know I don't have to worry anymore. =]