See this? God thought of it.

As we drove, it became more and more Narnia-like as the snow began to fly and the mountains became more other-worldly... wow.
Unfortunately, I had a rather difficult time capturing just how dramatic everything was... in fact, these just aren't doing the scenes justice at all.
Work with me though, and try to imagine something like those winter scenes in New Zealand. :)

I wish you all could have overheard our awesome conversation in the van as we drove through these mountains in Montana. How amazing it is that each of
the rocks and hills and craggy mountain sides were placed specifically by God and came out of His imagination! And how one could climb up to the top of
any of these mountains and just take in the intricacies of everything in sight: every cave or break in the rocks of the mountains,
every grassy slope, every ripple of water which might be trickling down the side of a cliff face or descending amidst coarsely shaped rocks and grasses.
Then... to turn around and climb down the mountain side
and wander over to a grassy slope and sit down to take in yet more beauty... all the while spending each moment delighting in the Presence of God,
having the coolest and most wonderful conversations with Him. I didn't even know places like this existed in North America... and we haven't even made it
to Yellowstone Park yet! But oh, how much more lovely it will be to do all these things in our eternal home!

I will leave you with this update of our whereabouts :) as we continue, driving into the night along the Idaho highways. Oh wait! We're officially in Wyoming now! Yay! Goodnight and God bless you each!
In Christ, Miriam

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