I leave you all with this pic of Andrew and I in the kitchen making WHOOPIE pies!
And everyone knows that when you bake you get flour on your nose!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for understanding my phone issue and hope to still see you in the near future. I am typing with someone you know, (guess who)...:) A little hint is this person thinks we should have another tea party. Well thats enough of a hint. Anywho how is the faithful family? Send them our love.
Well I pray I see you soon.
Love in Christ, your sis Mel and special person.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, flour and everything else! It is ironic that I make such a MESS when I bake, yet am such a neat=freak otherwise! Whoopie pies! YUM! The few times that I have made them with people (ie. my step-mother!) disaster enused. LOL.Remind me to tell you the tale sometime. :)