Aw- bye Jackie! We love you SO much!!
Thanks for opening your cozy home to us again! =)


Anonymous said...

These Places are so beautiful. Are these in PEI? If so I need to visit sometime. When are you all coming back to MA?
Love sister in Christ, Melissa.

Miriam Petrofsky said...

Hey Melissa-Dear!
Actually, these places are in Quebec... but you still need to visit PEI!! Haha It's BE-autiful here whatever the season!
We're planning to go back down to MA in April for a few shows- So I REALLY hope to see you!
God bless you my dear sister,
In Christ, Miriam

Anonymous said...

If I can see you all asap I would. I still need to get my passport though. please keep me in prayer for that. I also wrote someother things on Gabe's facebook messege I need prayer for. Please tell him asap. Thank you
Much Love from your sis-in-Christ, and God Bless you all Melissa.