Revival PEI 2009!
What amazing things God did during this time... each day we witnessed Him working in so many ways in all different people... I only wish that my pictures could give a taste of what it was like.. but I'm afraid they fall terribly short of conveying the true times of sweetness and innocence we found in God's Presence. All my pictures have to offer are a few of the fun times we had.. but those who were there know the reality of what we experienced in our lives and walks with God.. the times of refreshment and encouragement, the times where we could only sit and find our spirits just blessed by God's Spirit ministering to us.
I really couldn't get to many pictures of this time after all because my camera broke earlier on.. but then a dear friend gave me another one so I snagged a few pics. :) *Thank you, dear friend* <3>
what better way to start off a new post than with a lovely Sunday afternoon walk? :)


Dr. Joe said...


It was nice to see you, even if it was at a sad occasion. I think enjoying some happy family time would have pleased Grandpa Ray. If you have any math or science questions, wing them my way (jkrupa213@aol.com)

Uncle Joe

Miriam Petrofsky said...

Hi Uncle Joe!
It was indeed wonderful seeing you again even if we didn't end up with much time to converse! And yes, I'm sure Grampy would have enjoyed it thoroughly (and he may have :) but whatever he may have been doing instead would have be absolutely amazing. :)
I'm really...glad for him. =)

Thank you for the invite! I shall have to get an e-mail out to you soon!!
Love you, Miriam