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This is going to be a rather short post this time, but it covers some very important things for all it's shortness. Last week (I think... I kind of lose track of things) we played a concert at Calvary Temple, up on P.E.I. and had an awesome time! It was a bit of a different situation because it was a sunday morning and happened to be Thanksgiving in Canada... so we had to plan things so that it ended in time for all of the ladies of the church to get home and get their turkeys out of the oven. :) But it was really an amazing time (and really fun) and there are some serious prayer warriors in that church. It was the most encouraging thing to get there in the morning and find people praying for God's Spirit to move!
You see, we had been praying for Charlottetown this summer during Revival P.E.I. and here God opened the doors to play at the largest church in C'town... and Sunday morning (!) which we've never done before... just imagine Rudy leading the service with Pastor Edwin and Jason in their typical sunday bests.*See below*
But it was wonderfully attended and we really saw God move.

So then after the concert some dear friends of ours, the Sentners, invited us over to spend Thanksgiving with them and we had a wonderful time. But woe is me, for I have failed you in recording all of the prep time that went into the dinner!

The next day we had our own Thanksgiving dinner and a family was coming in to stay with us at the inn, so we had them in for dinner. What an amazing family! They're from Dorset, England and are just the sweetest people and... do you know... they completely befuddled our stereotypical thinking of how an English person ought to be,... and yet were the perfect match to the quaint, sweet type you read about in missionary books and things. :} (dear Crisps, I hope you don't mind my description of you :)

So, we really had a splendid time with them (as I'm sure you can imagine) and got to spend some really wonderful times of prayer together.

Also, there's a few pictures of a foggy morning that had to be taken and I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

So with that, I hope you have a marvelous day and God bless you all!

Your sister in Christ, Miriam

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Krista said...

Hey there, It's been a really long time, like 5 months. Please send along my congratulations to Christa and Jay. Keep me posted, I finally had time to look at your blog. It looks great, I'm glad God is doing amazing things. I miss you all my family, and I pray for you often. Take Care and I look forward to the youth retreat on PEI in May.

Krista Nickerson