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This week I'm going to recount the happenings of, er, last week's trip to the Carolinas. Starting with our arrival in Asheville, N.C. and the concerts in the park,and going to see our sister and her dear husband and a few special pictures with my new nephew, and ending with a night with our family-in-law. (don't know if that's the proper phrasing, but it sounds more heart-warming)

So anyways, we really had the most wonderful trip... it was one big miracle from start to finish! So many things happended that I couldn't possibly recount all of them to you, but it was just so amazing to see just how in tune and close God is to us at all times! I mean, He provided so perfectly just what we needed at all the proper times and fixed things and watched over things.... it was so neat. :) But the most amazing thing was how He so totally took over that park in Asheville on saturday and then the church (2 blocks away) on sunday. Asheville is very spiritually dark, all "new age" stuff and witch craft and drugs and the worst things... and it seems like God just declared saturday as His day! When we got there, there was already a group of teens out street-witnessing and preaching and it was just like, God sending us re-enforcements to encourage us. (because just arriving there, we felt such spiritual resistence) So then we set up and decided to play an afternoon concert, (because it was originally only to be a night-time one)and everybody around came and sat down. :) Then a group of christians came with a whole meal for all of the homeless people and then we got to sit down with some new friends and have a wonderful prayer time for about an hour right in the middle of the park (!) and then we did the concert at 7ish and the place was filled all around and the people were all listening intently... it was awesome! We got to talk to lots of people and pray with them... and now we know pretty well all of the homeless people in Asheville!

The next day we went to the church called "the body" and had a wonderful time there. The pastor's message was really right on and the people there are just so filled with joy because... they know what they've been saved out of and they never forget it for a moment. And.... hah.... it's just the sweetest thing... to know that Jesus has reached down to each one in particular and has saved them out of the terrible darkness... and is perfecting them.... and we're going to spend eternity with them. :}

So, that night we did the concert and God so touched each one there, that at the end when we called people forward to ask for God's help to spend an hour each day with Him.... every person that I could see came forward, and we all held hands... and had the sweetest time of prayer... and sang songs... and afterwards, we got a group picture with them... and now we have a new family in Asheville. :) Wow, it was so amazing.... God is so sweet!

So now I will let you actually view them... and I hope you enjoy! God bless you!

Your sister in Christ, Miriam

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We saw the SKYS perform in Asheville last Fall. You may recall us as the couple that took several of the concert pictures with your camera. Looks like they turned out great! I just want to say that you all were fantastic. We really enjoyed your music and your positive message. It made our trip to Asheville very special and enjoyable. We wish you all the best of luck in the coming year.