I'll leave you with this picture of an Island sunrise in the fall
and... I would like to emphasize sunrise because...
well, I'm pretty pleased to have seen a sunrise myself..
honest, I took this picture! ;)


Anonymous said...

Very pretty Miriam. It's Mel Thibeault. How are you?, Gabe?, Joel?, Seth?, Your dad?, your mom?, and my favoret, how is Bart? I like that picture of the sunrise also because I have never seen the sun rise or set before. I ask you and your family to still keep me in prayer about college. For the most part i'm doing good, I passed both of my early childhood classes and only have 3 more classes to go. However, I do need prayer because I do not know 100% if this is what Jesus' idea for me is. Things are going well with my fiance and I. He is still working on the ship in Hawaii and I'll be seeing him again in March. He will be home all month if you want to call me to make up a time to meet him, (prayerfully I see you all before then). Tell the family I send my hellos and love. Call me when you can so we can hang out some time. I don't know if you are in PEI or in MA right now, but when you are in MA and you have time tell me. I miss you all soooo much. Well God bless you, Jesus loves you and I do too your sister in Christ Mel

Miriam Petrofsky said...

Hi Melissa!
Oh I'm so glad to hear from you! :) I miss you so much and am praying that I get to see you soon! (the good thing about that is, God seems to pay special attention to things like that :) I am currently on the Island but we'll be going down there pretty soon. I'm glad you're doing well with the early childhood classes.. and I'll definitely keep you in prayer for all of the college stuff. Wow,never seen a sunrise or set? I suppose that's one of the downsides to living in a city in MA... we'll have to do something about that.. you'll just have to come up here and spend a few days! :) The family is doing well *thanks for asking* and they pass on hellos :D
I'll give you a call for sure! God bless you dear!
~lot's of love from your sis in Christ, Miriam~

Anonymous said...

Love you ever so much and can't wait till the time comes to see you and yea I would like to spend some time in PEI with you and the family. Maybe if your going there for my birthday in July sometime maybe I can come,then you can make your tasty oreo cake...oh I forgot I am on weight Watchers now :) oops. Oh well we can still have fun together. Right:) And guess what. My fiance Dan had his scheduel changed and is comming home in Feb instead of March:)I am so excited. I shall see you later. Ilove you very much.
your sis in Christ,
Mel T

Liz said...

pretty sunset^-^ your good with a camera.
-Liz Smith