Hi All!

SO lots and lots happened this month! Among many other daily happenings which many of you hear about on our newsletter, a few things absolutely HAVE to be posted!
We had a surprise visit from a couple representatives of our dear friends the Greeniers from CT (namely Mr. Greenier and his son Ben) who showed up one night out of nowhere-that was awesome! And then only 2 weeks later (on Valentine's Day to be exact) another contingent from the Greenier household showed up - (namely Mr. Greenier and my dear sisters Sarah and Hannah) and that was a TOTAL shock and absolutely wonderful! Those who tune in to our Sunday services know them by now. :)
Then we (Seth, Joel, Gabe, and myself) drove down to the States with them; we on our way to celebrate our friends' wedding, and they returning home. Also, though I have only one picture of proof of progress in recording our second cd, we have been working away on the that by God's grace and daily help! If you ever think of it, we really appreciate any prayer support for the cd, since the Devil really is hammering it constantly! Thank you! =)

I will be doing a seperate post on the wedding of Michael Thomas and Rebekah Flynn next week, Lord willing and am very excited about that! So for now, the events of the month and our trip down. :)

God bless and have a wonderful night!

In Christ, Miriam

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