Hello All!
Alrighty! I left you at a totally intense cliff-hanger! *Right??* WHAT happens around the bend?!
Well... actually, the excitement of that particular part was really already covered when Seth and the guys ran into a guard rail during that storm and knocked their bumper off....
BUT the excitement of which I am referring is NOT that incident, but the reason for our trip down South! The oh-so-wonderfully-thrilling celebration of the marriage of our dear friends Michael Thomas and Rebekah Flynn. :)
We had a wonderful time and the wedding went beautifully from start to finish and the way God was in it was so wonderful.
This post covers only a part of it, *I expected to get the whole thing finished but have been a bit delayed* but I hope you enjoy it! :)
God bless you!
In Christ, Miriam

I will begin with the behind-the-scenes excitement at the Flynn household the night before the wedding...

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