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At last! It's finally here! I made it to a computer in Virginia and am finally getting the rest of this post up. :) lol Thank you all for being so patient and not sending me "subtle hints". :P

These next pictures are of our trip to Ontario about 3 weeks ago. {I'm sure it was more than that but I just can't handle the idea of actually putting in words that this post is 4 weeks over-due :} *Augh*

Anywho! What an awesome time it was! We got to re-connect with some friends we had met on P.E.I. last summer and their families and just had an awesome time of fellowship and prayer and fun taking little sight-seeing tours around the area of Nottawa and Collingwood. :) I made the best of friends with a girl named Ryane (a daughter of one of our friends there) whom you will see some pictures of :) and with several girls from Cornerstone Fellowship. And OH how exciting it was to meet them because they had such hearts for God! They all just wanted to be seperate from the world and working for God! It was like a breath of fresh air. =)

I'd like to also point out a really cool thing that happened which is that while we were talking to Ryane and Kirsten (her mother) and Kathy (her mother's best friend) the subject of the Fellowship Commitment came up about abstaining from worldly things (like movies, tv, video games, poor music...) and the need for people to turn these things off to start seeking Jesus and purify their minds. And afterward, Ryane did a very courageous thing! She threw out a whole huge stack of dvds and music and books! Then again the next day threw out more stuff! Oh what a wonderful thing! As excited for her as we all were, how much more was God pleased with her! :) And you know, God will so bless her for that. It seems pretty radical, but God immediately gave her such a joy and lightness in her face! She was positively glowing!

After Nottawa we went on to Cobourg and played at Glad Tidings Pentacostal Church. It was so neat re-connecting with our dear friends the Harmons and getting to spend time with them. They've come to the Island a couple times and we've spent a lot of time with them at our home up there so it was great to finally visit them at their home. :) Also, it was a wonderful night at the concert because God's Holy Spirit was there and at the end (from what I could tell) the whole youth group got up and prayed with us and took the commitment to spend an hour with God each day! (along with many others from the church) It was so exciting! Praise God. :) It was also the coolest thing meeting those teens and finding that they just want to serve God and be sold out for Him! :D Oh thank you Lord for such encouragement!

So anyway, without further ado I will let you go and check out some pics. I hope you enjoy them and God bless you all!

In Christ, Miriam

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Melissa said...

Looks like the trip to ON was fun!