Helloooooo Everyone!

What an eventful last few weeks we've had! :)  We just got back from a 4 week trip in the South where we met lot's of different people and lot's of different spirits. We had a tough time being in some of the cities because there was such perversion and witchcraft and over-all worldliness (a different sort than that worldliness of New England). But the people we met and the things that happened were indeed worth it. :)  
Also, of course getting to see my dear sister Christa and her husband Jay and son Luke were definitely worth it. =D
One story in  particular needs to be told - 
  At the concert in Pritchard Park in Asheville, N.C. a homeless fellow [about 20 years old] stayed through the whole thing and we ended up talking to him all night afterward. He knew he was empty and that there was nothing he could do for himself, but he didn't care to "try" God again because things had failed in the past. He was carrying a Wicca book and thinking he'd try that instead although he knew he didn't care for it much. He had gone to the public library and found not a single book on Christianity and whole sections devoted to witchcraft!
Well, we talked to him for a while and went to coffee with him and some other new friends and by the end of it, he went over to talk to Dad. He told him that he had a demon and that he wanted to get rid of him! (We prayed before we got there that we might talk to one person in particular that would know their position and would want to get out of it!) (can't get any more straight forward than that!) (it's very difficult to find people that have had enough of this world, acknowledge their emptiness, and want to have real Life) 
So we went back to the RV with him and he was really scared that the demon would manifest itself (because it did so every day, he said) . We started praying over him and Gabe sat next to him praying in the Spirit and the demon loudly hissed at him and all at once left Chester and was gone! Praise You Jesus!!  The demons can not stand where the precious and powerful Name of Jesus is spoken! 
So it seems like God called us to Asheville this year specifically for one young man's life. He is a free man by the power of God and if you all wouldn't mind praying for him, I know he needs encouragement!  He's kind of in a really dark city.  Thank you!

Haha I didn't intend to take up the whole post  on one story, I had wanted to share something else with you too! But I'll have to wait until next time... so I hope you have a wonderful night and God bless you!
In Christ, Miriam

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Anonymous said...

Miriam, hello! I saw ya'll in Asheville and I didn't make the photos you took but I was there the whole time. You and your family were awesome! I bought a CD and listen to it alot. A homeless man came and sat down in front of me and my boyfriend toward the end of the show when we were leaving? I think he thought we left because of him but I told him NO we had to go due to another appt. could it be the same man? anyhoo I don't live in Asheville, I was just visiting and lucked up on your gig!! I live in Columbia ,SC and would love to see ya'll again soon. take care, yours in Christ! Anne Cumbee