our first view out the door the next morning
*note the destruction*


Anonymous said...

our tree...sniff, good ole faithful, finally took a hit
- Gabe

Anonymous said...

hey Gabe whats up?
Mel Thibeault

Anonymous said...


Liz said...

wow....you were not kidding about the storm....lol but hey things happen for a reason!...though the reason behind a tree being detroyed i have no clue about why that would happen....hmmm lol.
-Liz Smith

Miriam Petrofsky said...

lol hi Liz!
There IS a reason and blessing that came from the trees falling down! See the pic of the logs on our front porch? THAT'S the blessing! lol the storm supplied our wood for burning the rest of this winter! (we ran out of the last wood shipment) :D
love in Christ, Miriam