Hi Everyone,
Teehee Okay,okay, this is actually old news but I didn't get to post it sooner and I didn't take ALL these winter pictures for nothing! :) Below are pictures of our big ice storm ... 2 weeks or so ago... :P and a community event that we all get together to put on every February to support our firemen. I hope you enjoy them. =)
But I would also like you to know that, though the damage looks huge-don't chew your fingernails down too much(!) because many of our trees did survive! *WHEW* (And those that didn't, well, God does wonderful things in the springtime and even the worst destruction can be made beautiful and life-filled again.)
Wow, that reminds me of us, huh? What an amazing thing... what God does for us! The fact that whatever our background, God can save us out of it! The kids in the Walled City in China (which has been removed) were in the blackest hole you can get in. Their lives were so dark and violent and lawless- police wouldn't enter the walls. Their lives would have continued in this way forever, and they couldn't ecape it. But, God saw all of this and sent a young woman into this place. She didn't know very much about God or how to save souls or anything... but she went because God told her too. Because of her obedience, the entire stronghold of sin was broken down and thousands of people were brought out of their lives of darkness and hopelessness and into God's light and life! These kids were radically transformed! Thus, the worst destruction God can make beautiful and life-filled! Praise God! =)
Well, anyway, I just thought I'd share that... because it's pretty encouraging especially to my spirit because I'm feeling rather life-less because of putting God off. He is our life blood. He can and would LOVE to bring living water back into our veins and restore us to Himself! Thank You Lord!
I think I'm going to go pray. :)
I hope you all have a wonderful evening and God bless you! Please take my advice and go spend time with your Creator... He will indeed make you to glow with new life!

In Christ, Miriam


Anonymous said...

Hey Miriam,

All of the pictures are so beautiful! The trees look like something from a movie.

Thanks so much for the post,

-Lydia Flynn

Miriam Petrofsky said...

Hi Lydia,
Thanks! lol I have a lot of fun with them... :D How have you been? Please send a "helloooo" to the rest of the family for me!
God bless!

Melissa said...

I love the fox! It's so unusual to see anything wild unless it is dead down here... :-P Well, that's not quite true. We see deer sometimes, just not IN the cities!

The trees look like they fared pretty well compared to some of the pictures I've seen from up there!! Did you guys have to make all your meals on the stove for a while??

Anonymous said...

I miss you so much and I pray I see you and the familky soon. I Love you all and I cant wait to meet up with my brothers and sister again.

Miriam Petrofsky said...

lol hi Melissa! Isn't he cuuute? Yes, our trees are, well, a little beat up but they're not doing to badly. And no, we only had to cook on the stove for a day. :( I was all dissapointed. Well, maybe next time! :D
In Christ, Miriam