Some of the awesome group God blessed us with while in Marmora, ON! Some we got to stay with, others came to the concert, and all of us were so blessed by what God did in each heart… it's actually amazing what He did that night.

This was so cool! We were heading out of town, and as we stopped at a stop sign, we saw this group of little girls running toward us down the street! It was the Dejong family we had met the night before! :) We jumped out, got a TON of hugs :) had a super fun few moments, grabbed a picture and headed on our way. :D   I LOVE God connections! :) 


Shannon Bee said...

You got to see ME in Marmora too! hehe :D

Miriam Petrofsky said...

Haha! And it was SO awesome too, Shannon! :) :)