A view into God's heart

Do you know that this picture, as poor a quality as it may be) is actually a view into God's Own heart?
This is a lush, green field filled with little yellow paintbrushes, and as I looked at it, I was just so caught up with joy and gladness! I wanted to dance around the field for joy because this... this little piece of creation came bubbling out of God's Heart. Just think of it! When He created the heavens and the earth, these brilliant little flowers just came springing out from the overflow of His pure Heart. :)

So I began to think of the kinds of things that would happen if we started just hanging out with the Lord. That might sound like a casual way to put it, but I'm talking about just being with Him, just spending lots of time learning what He likes and what He thinks about, and the depth of His pure heart. Who knows what might happen when we spend lots more time with Him? These kinds of things might just begin springing out of OUR hearts too!! :) In the midst of this oppressively dark world, when we start seeking God, He's going to start creating a purity in our own hearts and causing joy to come welling up within us, also.
So, just a few thoughts, and I hope it blesses someone and simply inspires us to spend wayyy more time with our amazing Creator.
God bless you!!
In Christ's joyful service, Miriam


Rachel said...

LOVE IT!!!! :) :)

Miriam Petrofsky said...

Praise God! :) Love you Rachie!