"And after singing a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives."

Isn't that so sweet? Never once have I thought of Jesus... singing. I don't know why it has never occurred to me before! Of course! Jesus would have sung continually. :)

He would have sung all during His growing up--at various times while working alongside His father, as He walked along the streets, out on sailing vessels, then in His ministry years He must have sang while walking through fields and at night when His disciples were with Him around a fire... or perhaps while they fell asleep... maybe their minds would be racing as they wondered about what they'd left behind and if those things were being taken care of. After all, they were normal people who had answered God's call on their lives and had left behind everything they knew to follow Jesus. Perhaps they were thinking of what new lifestyle they were entering and what might happen in the future.
 They were scorned a lot by the very teachers and spiritual leaders they had grown up under, they were questioned by those who they used to hang out with, and they were going by faith because many people around them misunderstood them and rejected them.

Then... out of the dimming light of the campfire, there came a welcome sound: that of an incredibly sweet, deep, reassuring voice that rose in a song of confidence in God. At the sound of this voice, all fears and doubts melted away and their minds were at perfect peace. A peace came over them that passed understanding and they knew in their hearts that this was indeed the path that God had called them to walk. Everything in their lives could change, but the voice of Jesus would remain in their hearts and assure and bolster them.

Now, can you imagine how it must have felt in the context that this verse is taken from? 
Can you imagine the moment? Here, 2,000 years ago, sit the twelve disciples with Jesus... 
They've just had the most bittersweet communion together, recounting the first Passover of the Jews (with Jesus Himself telling the story!)  and then listening as He tells them that as of that moment He was sealing a whole new covenant between God and man that would give all people then and now freedom to come to God through Him... becoming Himself the Passover Lamb that would truly take away the sins of the people before God. Then as He tells them of the need... of Him being put to death.. in order to truly be the Sacrifice for our sins...

The disciples are taken aback by all that's just happened.. and their minds are full of all the things Jesus has just spoken to them..and they're trying desperately to take it all in and understand the full meaning.. their hearts are being overcome with grief as they realize that their beloved Teacher and best Friend Who they've just spent the last 3 years in continual fellowship with...  is going to die. They can't grasp the fact that He will rise again.. their hearts are in turmoil and it's all to much to take in!

And then there comes the sweetest sound again.. that of Jesus' deep, loving and reassuring voice, rising in a song of glory to God and complete confidence and trust in His good plans- and this time they join in together, and as they sing all fears and doubts melt away and a peace that passes understanding enters their hearts. Though everything in their lives will change and be thrown into turmoil, Jesus, Who KNEW what was about to happen, started singing...even as He faced His ultimate trial.  

May you be much encouraged as you press on in following Jesus! Just as the disciples 2,000 years ago, let us also follow our Lord- even as there will be trials continually. Let us sing also to God in complete faith and trust in His good plans!  Jesus is calling His people to follow Him so let us "press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward high calling of God in Christ Jesus." 
God bless you each and I'm praying for you! Jesus sacrificed His life for us- can we do anything less for Him Who we love so much? :)

~Your sister in Christ, Miriam

Reference: Matthew 26:30, Philippians 3:14


Alexandra said...

Hi Miriam!

Yes, it is amazing to think of our Jesus as a singer to God. I love that, and you know, thinking of Jesus as a faithful Jewish man also helps me see exactly how the moment was during Jesus's last Passover feast with His disciples. I was also recently looking into the Passover celebration, and guess what?!! They have a tradition that they sing a hymn after the meal as a way of showing that they do not want to end the celebration. They want to continue to praise God for His goodness and bless His name for the time that the Messiah would come to save His people. They would say, "Next Year In Jerusalem" or in Hebrew, "Sha'alu Shalom Jerusalem." But guess what, too!!! Jesus Christ is the Messiah, and He has come, and He has died, and He has risen, and now reigns victorious at the right hand of our Heavenly Father! Praise the LORD!

May you have a blessed Easter, Miriam!

Love, Alex :)

Miriam Petrofsky said...

Praise the LORD indeed! Hi Alex!! :)
You know, it's so cool because I.. well, I actually only just learned about these traditions like singing hymns during Passover and other things... but when I found out, it just blessed me so much to think,like you said, about the reality of the moment when Jesus and His disciples were gathered... and starting to understand it all a little bit better. :) It is so... incredible. Hallelujah!

Love you Alex and God bless you tons!
Love, Miriam

Anonymous said...

So good to see you back!

Teresa Arsenault said...

God bless you and your family, Miriam. We were happy to receive our Sky Family Newsletter this morning. Please give Joel a big hug and congratulations from us on his recent engagement.
Terry and I will be renewing our vows tomorrow. Too bad you couldn't be here. I am excited to be marrying my prince all over again.
Blessings, love & hugs,

Miriam Petrofsky said...

Oh Theresa I am so glad for you! That is very, very sweet for you and Terry. :) I do wish that we could have been there for that. I was JUST talking about you to a friend of mine so what a blessing to find a note from you! Your hug has been safely delivered :) and we're all looking forward to seeing you again soon- we'll be home in about two weeks so we'll have to plan to get together. God bless you!
Your sister in Christ, MIriam