Ahhh... a perfect setup to begin blogging :)
And my story commences...

What better scene to open a wintry semester post
than a snow angel in the midst of a sparkly, snow-covered field
with bright late-afternoon sunshine?

Don't you just love footprints across the snow?
Especially if you know they're made by the little paws of a fluffy fox. :}
an equally marvelous scene (the type which causes one to marvel)
is this striking pose... that of three fine fellows boldly facing what lies ahead
"Ah, a good shot fellows, nicely done-
how about a round of handshakes?"

ehhmm, we're bound to get it right one of these times..

the sunlight filtering through the bare trees

in the kitchen with little ones! :)

of course Breanna was a huge help =)

Don't look guys! Josh is being domesticated!
Yes, for all potential students considering joining us up here
at the Bible Institute, be prepared(!) you too will be assigned
dish-duty at least twice a week. =)
Also, for all those considering coming up here, but are perhaps
a bit concerned about fitting in or not knowing anyone here,
I decided to include this picture for your benefit. You see, I have determined that the
best way to get to know someone is by... their socks! SO, here on your
left is Beth (aka Cookie), top is Miss Lisa, and to the right is Josh...
before long you will catch on and start picking up on these things yourself. :)
a sunday morning with everyone :)
*well, almost everyone.. I couldn't quite fit all in the picture*

a lovely sunrise...

the same lovely sunrise from a different perspective

evidence of a good slide in the snow!

hmmm, more evidence of a previous escapade
*Coincidently, also made by my fellow comrade...*

my fellow comrade in snowy adventures

"Hello everyone!"
*we were thinking of you all when we took this* =)

Ahh, methinks an arctic adventure lies in store... :D

... Nicole attempts a death-defying climb above an open spring- unsure, while each
step causes her to sink further and further down in the soft snow...
..."Hold on a sec Nicky, I'll be right there... This is making a great story!"
a peak through to the arctic tundra beyond :)

wind-blown snow piled up on the banks

evidence of an intense and strenuous climb up the embankment
...and yet, something just didn't quite fit in the midst of all
this arctic landscape and biting North wind...

I knew it smelled an awful lot like summery, barbeque smoke!

a picture of picture-taking

the picture of the picture in the picture :)

Ahh, and another group goes out walking :}

And lastly, I'll close with a loving message from
one of our students, Rachel...
"Howdy, ya'll! Lovin' ya more'n ma tractor, coondog and rifle all a'mixed!"

*er.. she is from Virginia... give her a little grace...* :D


Hello Everyone!!
How I've missed putting up posts about the latest goings on and writing to you all!! There have been so many exciting happenings and wonderful things that God has been teaching us, and yet I haven't been able to write them down for you!!
Well, here is a half of a post that can at least get you started on something of an update. At least, for all those who didn't know, I can tell you that yes, we have indeed started a Bible Institute and it has been wonderful! In the course of the next few pictures, you will meet several of our dear students. :) I have about 400 pictures, but have succeeded in narrowing them down to 80.. and then to 40... but it took me all day and now I only have about 15 to share with you for now... *sigh*... However(!) I hope to get the rest of the 40 up very shortly! :) And a more in depth description of the happenings, as well. :D
This semester has been flying by and already we're preparing for another tour to New England in a month(!) but it has been absolutely wonnderful! Each day... we have been learning so much in our classes... every one I come out of I feel as though my soul had been fed. We've been reading the Fellowship book which is SO convicting and inspiring, and in Seth's class have been going through Matthew and reading sermons by Charles Spurgeon which have both been awesome! I just so praise God for giving us this place where we can have the freedom to seek the Lord earnestly each day and grow in Him.... we've been going through our struggles of course, because the Devil is always trying to keep us from God's Presence, but when we DO break through into the Light of God's love, it is wonderfully refreshing! Praise the Lord! He is not found by the easily distracted, AND the world never makes time for us to seek God-- we have to push everything aside and just make the time. When we put Him first, He takes care of everything else that concerns us. :) It's actually... remarkable! And what's more... when we spend time with Him, His Father heart is so blessed.. it just makes all of the work He does for us all the time worth it when we come and sit in His lap. So please make time to be with Him each day so that you can refresh Him and in so doing, be refreshed yourself. =)
God bless you all and have a wonderful night!!
In Christ, Miriam

in which Nicole comes tromping through the snow in a dress
and slippers to see the sunrise...

and is shortly thereafter joined by a Rachel :]

I've been waiting for them to come for a while now :)


Lisa and Nicole =)

some of us girls :)

Now we're off to perform at the Love Haiti Benefit concert in Charlottetown. Though I didn't get any pictures during the event, it was truly an awesome night. It was so sweet because God was actually invited to join us there that night! It was just the way things should be at any gathering, community or nation/province-wide... and I felt like God could really bless it and be a part of it because it was shared in Him. So wonderful. :)
our "standard requirements" ;)
We had a joke about how the students expect only blue m&m's at
concerts and the band likes the rest, and then the folks who invited us surprised
us with glasses full- it was really funny and sweet! haha :)
likes the rest

us with our m&m's =)

Dear Melissa and I
(we just got to meet her during this benefit and she's super sweet! =)

all of us together celebrating the Day-After-Valentine's-Day
with a gift for each from one of Rachel's professors in VA....
Thank you so much Mr. Willis! That was so fun and sweet of you! :)
Helen, Nicole, Rachel, and Tracy :)
Love you all!

Beth, Emily, and Rachel

Seth having a very creative evening...
writing absolute "hits" that are sure to take off!
He's... "On the verge of a breakthrough, on a saturday night.." :D
Jenny and I :)

Hmmmm something seems to be missing...

HOWEVER, it does not stop us from sitting around the... um,
air... and enjoying one another's company! :)
And with that, I will bid you all adieu and hope you have a lovely night!
Remember, you are always welcome to come for a visit any time. Aside
from all of the silliness that comes through in my pictures, we have wonderful
times of fellowship seeking the Lord and rich evenings of reading inspiring missionary
biographies! Praise God! God bless you all! :)