Hello Everyone!!
How I've missed putting up posts about the latest goings on and writing to you all!! There have been so many exciting happenings and wonderful things that God has been teaching us, and yet I haven't been able to write them down for you!!
Well, here is a half of a post that can at least get you started on something of an update. At least, for all those who didn't know, I can tell you that yes, we have indeed started a Bible Institute and it has been wonderful! In the course of the next few pictures, you will meet several of our dear students. :) I have about 400 pictures, but have succeeded in narrowing them down to 80.. and then to 40... but it took me all day and now I only have about 15 to share with you for now... *sigh*... However(!) I hope to get the rest of the 40 up very shortly! :) And a more in depth description of the happenings, as well. :D
This semester has been flying by and already we're preparing for another tour to New England in a month(!) but it has been absolutely wonnderful! Each day... we have been learning so much in our classes... every one I come out of I feel as though my soul had been fed. We've been reading the Fellowship book which is SO convicting and inspiring, and in Seth's class have been going through Matthew and reading sermons by Charles Spurgeon which have both been awesome! I just so praise God for giving us this place where we can have the freedom to seek the Lord earnestly each day and grow in Him.... we've been going through our struggles of course, because the Devil is always trying to keep us from God's Presence, but when we DO break through into the Light of God's love, it is wonderfully refreshing! Praise the Lord! He is not found by the easily distracted, AND the world never makes time for us to seek God-- we have to push everything aside and just make the time. When we put Him first, He takes care of everything else that concerns us. :) It's actually... remarkable! And what's more... when we spend time with Him, His Father heart is so blessed.. it just makes all of the work He does for us all the time worth it when we come and sit in His lap. So please make time to be with Him each day so that you can refresh Him and in so doing, be refreshed yourself. =)
God bless you all and have a wonderful night!!
In Christ, Miriam

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