Hey Everyone!
Guess what!! No, you'll probably never guess, so I'll just go ahead and tell you... today, yes, this very day, I won't say the date... is the day for my bi-annual blog post!!! Woohoo! =D Haha haaaa..
Well, maybe not quite that long since my last post ( I hope..) but it certainly seeeems like it, doesn't it?
Well, my goodness, the only thing I can say to sum up this summer is... God is on the move!
Can I just give you all an update on the events of the summer?? I don't know how long this might take, but it's definitely worth a read. :)
This summer we started our Skys Summer Stay program for young adults. We wanted it to be an opportunity for teens- 20's to be in an environment apart from secular input like tv, video games, excessive internet use, worldly music, worldly friends and so on. A place where someone who really, really wants to grow in their relationship with Christ can get away from distractions. So God brought up several people who were very much affected by the Holy Spirit and jumped right in to ministry with us. They travelled with us on day trips for concerts and prayed and talked to people and got right into passing out tracts and stuff- it was awesome!

It was so wonderful to be able to work together, and pray together, serving God and
learning that He is the most important Person in our life and desiring to work for Him!
We had a real house-full this year because at any given point there were at least 20- something of us besides guests for the lodge! It was so, so wonderful being able to pray all the time with so many, and work with them and make meals together-- so, so special and I hope that many, many more of you can join us!! Another really exciting thing was that God arranged a baptism for 6 people at the end of July! What an awesome testimony... it was SO powerful. Despite the cold and the wind, the group wanted to go on, being baptized amidst the crashing waves of the North Shore.

Also officially started as of July, is night ministry in Charlottetown. Some of the team goes out from the hours of 10pm-3am *roughly* and goes to all those who are actually desperate for Jesus- for freedom from their desolate lives. These dear people are stuck in the endless cycle of drugs and alcohol, and every sort of perversion with no way out... it all leaves them so hopeless. The people we see and witness to during the day lead generally the same lifestyle, but aren't willing yet to admit emptyness. So the crew prays continually and goes wherever God leads them and so far every night 2 or 3 people have gotten saved and their lives are radically transformed! Praise You Lord! A few of these have started spending lots of time over at our house and coming to concerts and services and praying with us... it's So so so wonderful.... :) :) :)
Lord willing, we're planning to start up a Bible study at UPEI in less than a week and have the place to hold it in- also are hoping to find a place to start meeting in downtown C'town for all those who have gotten saved off of the streets and need a place to pray and grow in Jesus.
All praise and glory to our dear Lord Who has started His rescue mission to save those on PEI.. it's so exciting to see.
So I just wanted to encourage you all- This work is happening because of your faithfulness in prayer and just because you may not live up here, every one of your prayers is kept record of by God and He is answering. Please continue to pray for the work going on and feel free to give us a call if you want to talk to us or even if you need prayer for something-- we're always, always glad to hear from you!!
Praise God, Hallelujah!
God bless you all and be encouraged in the Lord! He's coming back soon! =)
Your sister in Christ, Miriam


Karissa said...

Hi Miriam! Thank you for this blog update, it was very encouraging to me! :)

Angela Paul said...

I loved reading this! I just praise God so much that He brought me out there this summer, He has brought such an amazing amount of good to my life through you all!

Natsha said...

God bless you to!