Hi Everyone!
We are now crossing the border into Quebec and are planning to stay a couple nights in Montreal with some dear friends of ours. :) We're on our way to Cobourg Ontario where we have 2 concerts this weekend. It's very exciting because we were able to go to this church this time last year and God really did some wonderful things there-- so we are really looking forward to seeing everyone again and praying that God would really really pour out His spirit of repentance and revival there. If you think of us this weekend, we'd very much appreciate it if you joined us in prayer for this end.
It's so neat to be writing this as we drive along the Quebec countryside--

now passing a beautiful lake encircled round about by mountains:
now a mountain that rises right up out of the plain:

now the great Saint Lawrence River, which we will follow for some time- it is beautiful!
( I do look up every now and then to appreciate the view, you know :) Just this past few minutes we've been right alongside it and I've been trying desperately to get a good shot of it!

This morning as we were driving, Dad and I read from Matthew the words of Jesus... these Scriptures are so well known... but we don't seem to actually think upon them and act upon them daily...
"Do not be anxious then, saying "What shall we eat?" or "What shall we drink?" or "With what shall we clothe ourselves?" For all these things the Gentiles (non-christians) eagerly seek; your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Therefore, do not be anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will care for itself." ~Matt. 6:31-34
This is basic faith-building truth showing how closely aquainted God is with us and all of our needs so that we can completely throw ourselves into His hands and seek to do His will and serve Him and work to expand His kingdom without any thought of ourselves, knowing that He will completely take care of our needs. See, it's all of the people around us who so desparately need His life, they are the ones we are trying to reach-- we who trust in Jesus know that we have eternal security, but all those around us do not! So let us turn our eyes to God and others and get them off ourselves and our own concerns. :) *Easier said then done! haha* But God will help us to do that! :)
This seems to be a good place to end this post--
entering Montreal with a glorious sunset taking over the skies.... so beautiful!

God bless you all and keep clinging to Jesus!
I hope to keep you posted with the happenings! :)
In Christ, Miriam


Today.... marks the best day in the history of mankind. Having lived a completely perfect life in obedience to God, Jesus Christ surrendered Himself to the will of His Father and died..... so that today, 2,000 years later, we..... can have eternal security..... not because of anything we can possibly do.... but only by the sacrifice of a perfect man for our sins... are we now given the chance to live. I am so thankful... to Jesus... that He held out until the very end... He truly didn't give in to a single temptation in His life because He had His mind set on His purpose and reason for becoming a man. If He had failed a single time, we would all be destined for Hell right now. But instead, He kept going and accomplished the ultimate reconciliation between us and God. Thank You Lord!
"I glorified Thee on the earth, having accomplished the work which Thou hast given Me to do.
And now, glorify Thou Me together with Thyself, with the glory which I had with Thee before the world was."
~Jesus-John 17:4-5~
So now, I want you all to know what Jesus has done for us... so that whoever believes in Him can have eternal life! And it is a GOOD life that He has given us! To be with Him through all eternity is wonderful beyond imagination! Just wait and see!!
"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him
should not perish but have everlasting life."
~John 3:16~
God bless you all!
In Christ, Miriam

Hello Everyone!

My last post was on the Springy-ness in the air and so I was a little concerned about posting my ice storm pictures so late(!) but... my worries were slightly relieved... considering this (to the right) is what we were looking at a few days ago. :)

Of course now a couple days later everything has melted and Spring really has set in and all.... but that's completely beside the point. ;) haha

I took lots and lots of pictures, but I think I managed to condense things and choose so that you all wouldn't have to look through pages upon pages of ice storms shots. Because... you know, there are really.. only so many ice pictures one can look at before the desire for something beyond the color white seems appealing. :)
I hope you all have a wonderful night and enjoy the pics! :)
In Christ, Miriam


*after the ice storm...*
a glorious morn!

tangible beauty

railing art

the SUN
this calls for a walk of exploration! :)
What else might one discover by looking around this new and dazzling
world of silver?
this one is unique--but I thought it rather neat

hmm- staging art :)
the hall with an icy-sheen

the "arctic desert" as some of our friends refer to it...
really I couldn't think what they're talking about :)

an inviting bough-formed, crystal arch just entreating passers-by
to enter through

suddenly, my reverie is inturrupted...
as I reach upward to get a shot from a new angle,
I find to my shock(!) my camera's lens meets another!
it appears I am not alone in this venture of discovery!
*haha hmm I wonder what things looked like for Joel's video just then...*
cascading silver
a perfect blanket of icy-snow to spread and form over
each roll and slope of the field

shimmering beauty

a bond yet unbroken and made stronger by the storm

and lastly a tree just lit up with glittery sparkles! :)
I hope you could handle SO many ice pics-- I just COULDN'T
decide which ones to post and I really had .. a lot. :) haha
God bless you all!