a lovely sunset
*yes, more interlude... it was 2 weeks you know* :)

the guys get serious in the kitchen

and look who showed up!
(yes, you already know from the intro, but at this point I was still in shock)
what a Valentine's Day!! =)
Sarah and Hannah on the balcony of the concert hall

Teehee Hannah had to take this shot just to show Mrs. Greenier we
really were studiously studying while they were here. :)
us girls haha :)
playing a riotous game of "who-knew"

Now we're off to a roaring start down to the wedding!......
All of 35 mph in the middle of a white-out snowstorm....
which we followed all the way through New Brunswick to about Augusta, ME
I say, is that Seth's bumper there?
yip, looks like it =)

wow, sort of the hot-rod look you're going for huh Seth? :)

some of the snow-covered beauty as we drove

in the Greeniers' van following Seth through the storm
Yay the sun shines through at last! Clearer roads and clearer driving!
We are on our way to the Luekens and Flynns to begin the wedding weekend. :)
Will tell you ALL about it and post LOTS of pictures!
God bless and have an awesome night!!


Helloooo Everyone!
Is anyone else getting this snowstorm? It's awesome isn't it?! I guess from here (P.E.I.) to CT (as I've heard about) it's snowing quite nicely and if YOU are one of those whose getting this lovely blizzard- be sure to throw LOTS of snowballs tomorrow!! =) Woohoo! Haha
Okay okay, on to the post. I get a little carried away when it comes to SNOW. :)
These pics are sort of beginning of January shots including JOEL'S BIRTHDAY and extra stuff. So I hope you enjoy them!

I have what I feel is a really important message for anyone who's reading this.... and I hope you'll think about it...
It seems that in the church with all of the activities and Christian music groups and services and such we've blasted everything through our systems besides Jesus. Everyone claims they're all about Christ- but who knows Who He really is?? All of this hype, people claiming to be Jesus Freaks, people saying they're Christians and carrying their compulsary Bible case around. In all of the hype and boom who knows what the real Jesus is like?? Has anyone opened their Bible cases to see what's inside- to see what Jesus is about?? They don't know what He's like, though we're blasted with all of this "christian" stuff that makes you think you're doing the Christian thing and making a statement. But what's He really like??
People don't know... that He really is... in fact.. quiet, beautiful, clean, lovely, innocent, holy, controlled.... He is everything good and pure....
Who has fought through all of this noise and wildness - to find Jesus Himself? To find Who we're trying to represent..?

I ask you tonight to open your Bible - to ask God to show you something really interesting that you can think about.. and then to PRAY. To seek Jesus Himself! Please - turn off your Christian or secular music, take out your ear buds, turn off your computer and tv, and put away even your "christian" mags for a few minutes to find out Who this Jesus really is that our Christian movement has so trampled over!
Do you suppose that in the Christian concerts we might attend, where everything is dark, the band members come out with ultra-grunge clothes and blackened eyes, screaming ... with no real melody and no real message... no different than any other band, leaving you dead in spirit -- that we are really representing Jesus Christ Whose face alone is described as the sun shining in it's strength? (Rev. 2:16) It is because of His intense PURITY! It should be that after spending time with Him or with believers together, that we come out with our faces radiant, with purity...
The Bible tells us to be holy, just as He is holy...... He didn't save us to leave us in the world as we are. He didn't intend for us to stay "as we are" living in sin and looking no different from the rest of the world. When we follow after Jesus, He expects us to become like Him.
"..But like the Holy One Who called you, be holy yourselves also in all your behavior; because it is written, 'you shall be holy, for I Am Holy.' " ~1 Peter 1:15-16
Please think about this and pray about it. There's so much more, but I at least wanted to share this much for now. :)
God bless you all and may you strive to become like our Savior!!
In Christ, Miriam


out in the concert hall one day, we pop in to check on the guys' progress...
uh-oh ... hope the boss doesn't find out about this..
nothing to see here...
back at work

And then, Joel's birthday comes! Woohoo!!!
the table is set, a candle is lit, the gifts are arranged,and then is placed a
beautiful, exquisite, delightful, skillfully decorated, exceedingly scrumptious
cheesecake made by... your's truly.
Which was then completely covered over by whipped cream to hide what it really looked like ;)
and the birthday fellow himself arrives singing our favorite birthday song-
as you can see, we throw a lot of gusto and pizzazz into our celebrations =D

getting very emotional over a brand new pack of socks-
it's beautiful thing you know!! =)

a fun random shot and... see that kazoo there on the right hand side

above the candle? That right there is a WORLD of excitement-

Really no end of fun!! :)

but what's even way more exciting is THIS one...

you know that nerf gattling gun we got Gabe for his birthday?

Well... Joel finally gets his revenge :)
And... thus ends the umm, formal side of the party and begins the rest of the night...
but I daren't show the carnage that resulted... ;)
Dad and Joel breaking for a minute and...wait,

is that really ICED coffee Dad's drinking??

and as I go a'wandering, I see all kinds of neat sights...
like a unique sunset...
geese flying...

and on my way back up the hill, the most beautiful sight of all-
the full moon rising over the horizon :)
God bless you all!!


Hi Everyone!
Here's just a quick post of some of my favorite pictures over Christmas time. It was so much fun! I had another post planned out but suddenly it was mid-night... so I thought I'd just wait for the next day. Otherwise well... you never know WHAT I might say! ;) 'Course... it's a pretty wild post anyway... so I guess it doesn't really make much difference what time of day I do it! :) Haha
Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful night All and God bless you!! Please keep in touch- I and my family love to hear from you and really want to pray for anything you might have on your mind!
In Christ, Miriam
"O Lord, Thou hast searched me and known me.

Thou dost know when I sit down and when I rise up;

Thou dost understand my thought from afar....

behold O Lord, Thou dost know it all....

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; It is too high, I cannot attain to it(!)"

~Psalm 139:1-6

(Please read the WHOLE thing- it is wonderful and my new favorite psalm!)