ALRIGHT, now here I just have to tell a little story--
While we were in CT (calmly taking pictures and you know, twittling our thumbs and such :) we were stuck in a really hard spot. You see, we were supposed to go to Virginia, Georgia, and South Carolina from here, but SO many things were going wrong: concerts cancelling, no advertising, unable to afford vehicle insurance (of course we trust God to handle our vehicles, but the state doesn't seem to go with that), unable to afford outdoor liabilities for the show in VA, plus we had SO much work to do up on the Island... that we were actually feeling like... maybe we should be heading home... maybe God is actually closing this door.... We almost never feel this way, but rather press on no matter what happens, type thing.. but this seemed to be really incredibly... different. Well so, we prayed about it, and just left it in God's hands knowing that this weekend's outcome would determine things. So we set off to the Boston area for a Bible study and on the way we got several phone calls, the result of which being a very decided "you must go South"! A pastor called us saying that he had gotten us another school and that he had teams going all over the place advertising the concert, and our friends the Dumeresq's were like "There's no way you're NOT coming!" haha :) WOW well, ... alrighty then.. we're not just a little surprised... but OK! Now we just need God to make a way to get there. (no small thing for us, but very small to God)
Now off to the Bible study...
that night we had just a wonderful, wonderful time of fellowship with dear friends of ours and God just really blessed the night with His Company.
having nacho ministry with our dear friends the Luekens and Scott =D

The next day we did a concert in Weymouth which was amazingly blessed in so many ways- seeing awesome things that God did with different friends who went there.. and reconnecting with dear friends who we hadn't seen in a long time.... it was just so blessed :) Thank You Lord!

After the concert in Weymoth where we got to reconnet with
the Bonnets! yay!

When we came out of the weekend, God had provided miraculously for everything we would need to go down South. Praise God!!! :)

Virginia here we come! WAHOO!
*with banjo music blaring!*

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