Greetings in Christ! :)
Hallelujah!! What an absolutely amazingly wonderfully blessed few weeks we've had! God is, is... amazing! I don't know what else to say... this was just the sweetest few weeks of travelling we've ever had...
Every place we went, God had already gone on before and when we got there we found His wonderful, sweet Spirit there. This was a time filled with sweet fellowship and Bible studies, prayer meetings (the reason for sweet fellowship), concerts (inside and out), encouragement, and divine connections. Every step of the way we and all those who helped so much, were hammered by the Devil.... "but Jesus just smiles, and walks past the Devil, all of his plans are laid waste.." Praise our living God!

I had meant to keep you all posted as we went along, but the time I thought I might just have to blog was distinctly lacking(!) So now we have just gotten back to the Island and I have found a little while to at least get the trip started! :)
I think I left you all off just getting into Montreal so you probably aren't feeling incredibly informed on our trip here.
Since then we have been in Cobourg, ON for two concerts, (and spending the weekend with our dear friends the Harmans) in Pickering with the Wainwrights for two days, (who happen to be just a totally awesome family :) in Collingwood (which is about 2 hours north of Toronto) for a wonderful Bible study with some sweet friends who we did a concert with last year, down to Massachusetts in the Boston-area for a Bible study and a concert in Weymouth (woohoo!), over to VA for a Bible study with our dear friends the Stoners and "Grandmother" Pat :) , then to our friends the Dumeresqs (aka the Vikings :) for two concerts (which were awesome!! but I'll get to those later) then to my dear sister and brother-in-law's house in SC where we had the most wonderful time with them and of course got to spend a bunch (but not even close to enough) time with my cute-as-a-button nephew Luke(!) and playing two concerts in Augusta which God just incredibly blessed (I know I keep saying that, but really and truly these were so entirely ordained by God, and He so amazingly blessed them, that I do indeed say they were "incredibly blessed!!") and then back to VA (staying overnight with the Vikings again, and CT,(stopping in at the Greeniers for breakfast on our way to the Island- HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!) and now... on P.E.I.! *Whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww* that was a long breath/ run-on. :) haha

So here is just the beginning with our dear friends the Hollenbecks in Quebec, and the Harmans in Cobourg, ON, both visits being just wonderful and both concerts blessed! :) God bless you all!
in Christ, Miriam

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