Hi Everyone!
WOW what an exciting last 2 weeks we've had! The amount of demonic resistance has been incredible, BUT the amount of victories for Jesus have been equal and greater!! Praise God! =)
Below I have posted pictures from Tabusintac, NewBrunswick, to Southshore Christian Acadamy in Weymouth, MA to Southshore Baptist Church just a minute down the street (but in Hingham, MA). There were supposed to be pictures of the church in Quincy as well, but my computer started fuzzing up so I couldn't get them up... so they will have to wait until next post with Vermont.
Anyway, I'd like to just give you a *hopefully* brief summary of the happenings up to that point:
When we headed out to Tabusintac, we hit the worst snowstorm that we've ever been out driving in, ever. We had just enough money to get across the bridge and just enough gas to get there, no food, no wood [heat]and no hot water, so we knew it was God's direction to leave a day early. Well, what is normally a 2 and 1/2 hr trip took 6 hrs.... and that was pretty tiring.... but we DID get there around midnight by God's grace! (This is really nothing short of a miracle... what with not being able to see anything at all and nearly losing Seth's car due to not being able to judge where in the road we were and an on-coming snowplow... and the van giving us trouble) But we had a restful night... and awoke to feet of new sparkling, yet well compacted snow and 6-7 ft drifts all around. This was all well and good but for the concert that should take place that night... :)
So we started praying that God would somehow get us out in time and at around 2 o'clock... we were starting to get a little nervous, but still waited and prayed. Finally at 4 o'clock a plow came in and got us out. The concert was to start at 6 but fortunately we know that whatever amount of time we have to set up, that's what God works with. It usually takes us 4 hours to get set up and that Sunday it took 1. =). Just a short while before the concert it was still white -out blizzard conditions but God was faithful and almost 100 hardy souls braved the elements to join us! :D
Oh but the night itself was wonderful! What a blessed night! We had just a sweet night in God's presence. :) Praise God, what a blessing!
Another thing is that we didn't have enough funds to get to the next show in Boston, so it was really a blessing, the way God provided for us.
(I thought I'd also mention that we found out why God wanted us to leave a day early: the bridge to PEI was closed on sunday because of the storm and, if we didn't make it to the concert, we wouldn't be able to get to the rest of the 11 shows in New England) (pretty cool, huh?)
The next day we headed out to Boston and our van broke down on the way, but in God's astounding providential way the angels pushed us along until we reached the only town in our 8 hour trek. When we got there the van would not go another mile!! We had just enough power to coast into a repair shop! It was one of the clearest demonstrations of God's supernatural care we've ever seen. And
He provided for that fix up and got us going again in good time.
Tues, after we got there, we spent a lot of time praying for the Christian school we were going to the next morning, and when we got there, what a miracle! It was awesome to see what God did; just pouring out His Spirit on the group there, and there were awesome and exciting testimonies from different people of how they felt God's Spirit. Anyone from that school who happens to read this, I just want you to know that we continue to pray for you guys! :)

Then we went to a Seniors' Luncheon at Southshore Baptist Church and had a wonderful time there, too. And you know? I just love God's network! During this couple weeks we've been meeting different people who are connected to other people that we've met, and everything is pieced together in such a neat and intricate way! I don't know, I just thought I'd mention it because it's so cool! :D
So anyways, I have to stop there because it's getting late now, but I hope to post again soon and get to those other pictures of the rest of the trip.

Praise GOD for He has done awesome and mighty things! Everywhere, He is teaching His people and raising up His remnant! Oh how I love the brightness and purity that He has, and long for Him to complete the work in me so I can be free from sin and dirt and over-all icky-ness!
God bless you guys, and keep clinging to Jesus... He's the only One to hold on to in this world that is fast falling apart!

Love in Christ, Miriam

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