Alright. I am going to give you a step-by-step set
now in which the Great Scott meets
Rudy Floobloopper

Rudy has been called up to perform a magic trick during the
Great Scott show.Here they are showing the audience
that the tubes are indeed empty

Now then. In this trick we have slid the larger-than-your-average-size crayons into
the tubes going facing upward and are going to flip these
tubes upside down and right side up three times
coming out at the end with the crayons upside down.


let's TRY this again :)


Aha! they got it right :) Very nice


The Great Scott said...

Rudy has the makings of a good Magician. Your Dad kept telling me what a blessing it was to talk with the WP's family all afternoon. It was a blessing for me to watch it. Like I said, Something in my head just said to me, "You have to introduce these two families to each other." I guess we know who that was huh. Over the years I have followed the careers and Ministries of several family performing groups both in the church and out. So many times I'd stop and say, "Why am I doing this Lord." Because nothing ever came of it. I'd go to concerts and say, "Hi." and that would be it. Seeing you guys and the Warrior Poetes get along so well together, finally makes me feel like all my concert hoping has done something good. And that was a blessing to me.

Anonymous said...

Rudy Floobloopper is a funny guy! He makes everyone smile (just as long as he takes a shower after he goes fishing with his numerouse dancing friends!!!:D Miss you all...Oh Miriam, I forgot to tell you when I called you last night I got my practice contacts yesterday:) You were right there was nothing to be concerned about...thanks for answering my questions. Send my Love and hellos to everyone.
Your sis in Christ,
Mel Thibeault
P.S call me when you get the chance. God bless you all.