In Memory of... our Christmas tree.

Today, Monday the 22nd of January 2007,
we took down our Christmas tree. It has been with us for a long time and served us faithfully.There's a cool story behind it, too.When we were on our way to get a Chrstimas tree, we decided to pray that God would lead us to a good one. Gabe prayed that it would last a while and would even grow in our home. Well, we tried a couple places and finally came to a little gas station selling them. Dad spied a beautiful one that was all full and pretty. We took it home and you know what? It actually did grow during it's long stay. It was the neatest thing! It was so alive, it drank almost a full pitcher of water a day! (we've never seen such a thing) It lasted like that from Dec. 20 (or somewhere around there) to Jan. 18...about 4 days ago or something it stopped drinking. Anyway, we normally do leave our trees up for a long time but they are all brown and needles everywhere by the time they fall down themselves.
Anyway, God really gave us a very, very special Christmas and a very special tree. Below is it's life story in picture form from when it came to our house to the taking down. Er, I won't post EVERYTHING that happened from then to now. lol because, well, that's alot of pictures. ...1112 to be exact. =)

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